Quick & Easy Autumn projects

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy project…well, I know I do! I love our resin Mr. Turkey and thought maybe a monochromatic color scheme might be kind of fun to try. I chose to base him in Light Buttermilk #13164. This took two coats to have him completely covered. Once dry I sprayed him with varnish to set the base color. After that I mixed Burnt Umber #13064 and DecoArt Staining & Antiquing Medium #84126 according to the instructions on the back of the medium. I used a large brush and covered Mr. Turkey completely with this mixture, then using a soft cloth, I rubbed all of the excess mixture off leaving it darker in the areas where a shadow would naturally be. Once you are happy with the way he looks, let the him dry overnight. Then spray him with the varnish of your choice, I chose to use DecoArt Acrylic Sealer Finisher Gloss Spray #70835.

He is going to look great nestled amongst my fall flowers and candles this Thanksgiving.

Our new 4” and 6” White LED Candles with Timer are perfect for a wide variety of painting and crafting projects. (4” #82225 and 6” #82226) One day as I was looking at fall projects on Pinterest, I saw an idea using real leaves on the outside of candles, and my mind instantly clicked to our new candles. I had a stash of raffia and fake fall leaves that I purchased from a local craft store. I clipped off one leaf for each candle and pulled out two long strands of raffia, one for each candle. Then I held the leaf in place and then wrapped the raffia around the leaf and tied a knot on the back side. It is that easy! Now I just need to put batteries in the candles and I am ready to light up those Fall evenings.

Happy Painting!

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BOO Paper Mache Letters

I love our mache letters, they are perfect for a variety of projects and are so much fun! My “Boo” letters were inspired from an idea I saw on Pinterest. With just three paint colors and two stencils and one paint pouncer, this project painted up in a matter of hours. I base coated the “B” with Lamp Black #13067, one “O” with Persimmon #13516, and the last “O” Snow White #13001. When dry I used the color Persimmon and the Versatile Checks Stencil #71916 to add the checks onto the “B”. To add the dots to the Persimmon “O”, I used Snow White with one of our Dual Sided Paint Pouncers #70824. The Snow White “O” is stenciled with the Square Background Stencil Small #70866 and Lamp Black. When dry spray with your favorite varnish and embellish with bows and accessories to match your taste.

I can’t wait to have these sit on my mantel this October!

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Fall Wreath Inspiration

Fall is my favorite season and I love filling my house with the warm and festive colors. From my mantel to my front door and all through the house, I tuck in pumpkins or sunflowers to brighten things up. I did realize after browsing Pinterest, that I was lacking a wreath for our front door for the month of September. I wanted something fall-ish yet could also work for the end of August as well. After browsing Pinterest ideas, I fell in love with the idea of incorporating the last letter of our family name, and our 12” Paper Mache Letters were perfect for this project. I decided to make two versions, one for me and one for my best friend.

With ideas in my head, off I went to the local craft store (taking one of the letters with me for size reference). I wandered and browsed the isles packed full of wonderful fall ideas, that just got me more excited for the season…and of course ideas for more projects….but first the door wreaths! I am easily distracted in a craft store! I found a grapevine wreath, some fall leaves, sunflowers, and some narrow burlap ribbon that would work great along with the fall buttons and such that I had in my stash at home.

Once home, I paint  ed my letter “M” Lamp Black, and painted my letter “B” with Dark Chocolate. This took about two coats for a completely smooth finish. While the letters dried I laid out my flowers and leaves for placement around the wreath. Once the letters were dry, I sprayed them with DecoArt Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray. I gave the letters three coats, making sure each coat dried before I did the second. After the varnish was dry, I gathered up my hot glue gun and went to work.

I am happy with how both of them turned out, and my wreath is already hanging on my front door! My first sign of fall! I hope these ideas inspired you to get a paper mache letter and create something wonderful to display in your home.

Happy Painting and Creating!



With a new house comes new home décor inspiration! I am ready for some fall weather and the rich colors that come along with it. After seeing Diane’s lovely wreaths, I wanted to make my own!

I knew that I wanted to paint my letter a deep purple and DecoArt Americana Black Plum #13172 is a beautiful Autumn color. I basecoated my letter in Black Plum and let it dry. Once dry, I stamped the letter with our Cling Jumbo Leaves Stamp #70905 with DecoArt Extreme Sheen in Antique Bronze #16081, Rose Gold #16076 and Bronze #16079. I wrapped the top of the letter with some burlap #40139, and added some fall leaves, flowers and pinecones I bought at my local craft store.

I love the color this wreath added to my front door! Thanks for the inspiration, Diane !

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Countdown to Christmas

I love Advent Calendars! Well, I also love Christmas and creating new projects to display in my home for the holiday season. So cruising around on Pinterest I saw many versions of “countdown boards” using chalkboard paint and I thought to myself, well that would be fun and easy! So, I went to the Web site and looked at all of the surfaces we have and chose our Large Ornament Shaped Plaque #62982. I wanted this to be a quick and easy project, so I chose only three paint colors, Tuscan Red #13255, White Wash #13002, Extreme Sheen 24K Gold #16077, plus the DecoArt Chalkboard Paint #13509.

I painted the main body of the ornament Tuscan Red and the top part 24K Gold. I measured and found the center of the ornament and then taped off a square to the size that I wanted for the chalkboard section. I applied the two coats of chalkboard paint according to the directions on the bottle making sure to let it dry completely between coats. After that, I just hand wrote the words in a white chalk pencil, Days till Christmas, and used a liner brush and White Wash to go over my lettering. I added dip dots with the end of my brush to add just a little something extra to the letters. You can you a stencil if you wanted, but I chose to use my own hand writing instead. Using White Wash and a highlighter brush #20173 I added a slight highlight around each of the large cutout snowflakes that frame the edge of the ornament. Once everything is dry, varnish, carefully making sure to avoid the chalkboard area.

To add a little something extra, I glued our 20 mm Canadian Pine #63083 to the top of the ornament and added some of our red Holly Berries #63085 for just another pop of red on the greenery. With the Baker’s Twine #70259 I tied a strand to the top and then tied a small piece of chalk to the other end so that it would hang nicely from the ornament. To finish it off, I went to my craft stash and pulled out some stripped ribbon and made a simple bow and hot glued it to the top and then glued the ends to the ornament for a little extra dimension.

That was pretty much it….and now you are ready for the holiday season!

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Resin Pumpkin: 3 quick and easy projects

Our team members have 3 quick and easy versions of our Resin Pumpkin for you! All 3 can easily be painted in an afternoon and would look absolutely adorable on your porch this Autumn.

Jack in a Hat

Bring on Autumn! Chilly nights, sweaters, pumpkins, rich fall colors, sitting by a cozy fire…yep, I love Fall! When August rolls around I honestly can’t wait for the weather to change and my mind starts creating projects to paint and craft for my favorite season of the year!

Inspired by our resin Tall Pumpkin #80824 and our 9” Paper Mache Witch’s Hat #40185, I chose to combine them for a fun adorable Jack-o-Lantern project. It is really easy to make and you only need a few supplies.

Here is what you will need:

DecoArt Americana Paint:
Avocado Dip
Black Green
Burnt Orange
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Lamp Black
Neutral Grey
Primary Yellow

DecoArt Neons:
Torrid Orange

Misc. Supplies:
Watercolor Paper #82067
Tags & Labels Stencil #71918
Jute #80167
Scrap of fabric for the bow
Hot Glue Gun
Fall leaves or berries from your local craft store
Identi Pen Black #70830
White Chalk Pencil #70200
Rusty Wire #70067
Rusted Star #70260

To start, basecoat the pumpkin Burnt Orange, this may take two coats. Then simply shade down the pumpkin’s grooves with Espresso and then highlight down the center of each section with Torrid Orange and a highlighter brush. If you want your highlights to really pop, let dry and add another application. Basecoat the stem with Avocado, shade where it meets the pumpkin with Black Green and highlight the top with Avocado Dip. For the face, I drew a standard Jack-o-Lantern face with a white chalk pencil and then filled the shapes in with Lamp Black. Erase any pencil lines that still show, then using a liner brush and Primary Yellow, just add a highlight line down the right side of each shape.

The witch’s hat is painted with Lamp Black and highlighted with Neutral Grey to give it a little more interest. Spray both pieces with varnish and let dry. For the tag, I traced one of the tag shapes from the stencil onto watercolor paper. Then I did a light wash over the tag with Burnt Umber and let it dry. After the tag was dry, I shaded the edges with Burnt Sienna. I then added the words “If the hat fits” onto the tag with the Identi Pen. When the tag is done, cut it out and punch a hole at the top. I wrapped a piece of scrap Halloween themed fabric that I had from my stash and glued it around the hat. I then used Jute to tie the tag to the bow. For added color I had found some small fall wired leaves in my stash of supplies at home and cut a few small strands from the roll and glued them in place behind the knot of the bow. The final touch is adding a little bit of rusty wire and a star to the top of the hat. I hot glued the star to the wire and then just poked the wire through the top of the hat.

I chose not to glue the hat to the pumpkin…instead I left them as two individual pieces that you can combine together or even use as two separate decorations. Whichever way you choose, this project was fun and quick to make and I may just have to make some more for family and friends.

Enjoy and Happy Fall!



Chalkboard Pumpkin

I have been seeing many pumpkins, real pumpkins, painted with chalkboard paint for fall….and thought, well, our resin Tall Pumpkin would be perfect for this and will last for years to come! I applied two coats of DecoArt Chalkboard Paint onto the body of the pumpkin making sure that each coat dried completely before adding another. The stem was then painted with DecoArt Extreme Sheen in Bronze. Once it is completely dry, your pumpkin is ready to be written on. When you are ready to change your message, wipe the chalk away with a damp cloth. You could even add a fabric bow to the stem for an added touch.

Have fun and Happy Fall Everyone!



Scarecrow Pumpkin

I love Autumn decorations, but steer clear of all things spooky! I loved our resin pumpkin, but wanted to paint a friendly design on it. I thought a scarecrow would make a cute pumpkin! This was such a fun project to paint, and could be modified to make other characters as well.

Here is what you will need:

DecoArt Americana Paint:

Burnt Orange
Burnt Sienna
Mint Julep
Moon Yellow
Prussian Blue
Snow White
True Ochre

DecoArt Metallic Lustre:  
Polished Coral

Misc. Supplies:
Hot Glue Gun 
Identi Pen 

Basecoat the pumpkin with DecoArt Americana Acrylics in Moon Yellow #13007 and the stem with Burnt Sienna #13063. Shade the pumpkin with True Ochre #13143 with a large shading brush. Shade the stem with Burnt Orange #13016 with a smaller shading brush. Highlight the pumpkin and stem both with Sand #13004. I wanted a dramatic highlight to emphasize the shape of the pumpkin so I went heavy with the highlighting.

Once dry, I drew the scarecrow face lightly with a pencil. The eyes are basecoated with Prussian Blue #13138 and detail painted with Mint Julep #13045 and Snow White #13001. The nose is painted with Persimmon #13516. I used a fluffy highlighting brush dipped in Polished Coral Metallic Lustre #14482 to add blush to her cheeks. I used thin layers to achieve a rosy but transparent effect. Using an identi pen, I drew her smile, adding hash marks across with the thin side of the pen.

For the hair, I glued strands of raffia around the stem with a hot glue gun. To add an extra cute touch, I made a large bow out of burlap to add to her hair and to cover some areas where you could see the hot glue.

Hope you all have a wonderful Fall! 🙂

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Americana Wreath

I just moved into a new house and although it was awesome, the outside is lacking some character. I thought a wreath would be a nice way to add some color and personality. Since it is still summer, an Americana wreath was what I wanted to make.

Using our Wooden Ring as the wreath  base, I basecoated the ring with Warm White #13239. Divide the ring into quadrants. Draw horizontal lines across 3 of the quadrants. Paint the quadrant without lines with Uniform Blue #13086. Once dry, Paint every other line with Country Red #13018.

Once all of the base coats are dry, start shading the red with Black Plum #13172, the White with Slate Grey #13068 and the Blue with Midnight Blue #13085.

To make the stars, use our Wooden Stars. Basecoat the stars with Warm White and shade with Slate Grey. Use wood glue to attach.

I used our Burlap Ribbon and Gold Wire to make a bow using this method.

I cannot wait to welcome friends to our new home with this patriotic wreath! If you make your own, let me know on on Facebook and the Clubhouse!

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NEW DecoArt Metallic Lustre paints

I always enjoy painting resin and when we brought in the New DecoArt Metallic Lustre, I was curious as to how it would work on it. So, I grabbed our Santa with Lantern and set to work. I chose my colors, and shaded and highlighted and when it was all said and done, I decided to glitz him up a bit. I used Glamour Dust Glitter Paint in Emerald and Black Ice to add shine to his mittens, the tree in his bag, and his boots. I also took the opportunity to use our New DecoArt Extreme Sheen Metallics in Bronze for the top of his lantern. But the finishing touch was using the Radiant Red Metallic Lustre on his coat. Using a soft rag, and just a touch of the Radiant Red, I started buffing it all over the high points of the jacket where it might be shinier (I tried keeping it off of my shaded areas), and then added it to the hat. I applied several applications to achieve the look I wanted because I thought light coats was better than one heavy coat. This product was fun to use and I hope you will give it a try too.

Supply List
DecoArt Americana:
Antique Rose
Antique White
Avocado Dip
Black Plum
Canyon Orange
Foliage Green
Georgia Clay
Hauser Dark Green
Hauser Light Green
Lamp Black
Leaf Green
Light Buttermilk
Neutral Grey
Primary Yellow
Sable Brown
Santa Red
Shading Flesh
Snow White
Soft Black
Terra Cotta
Uniform Blue
Yellow Ochre

Hot Shots/Neons:
Fiery Red
Torrid Orange

DecoArt Extreme Sheen Metallics:

DecoArt Metallic Lustre:
Radiant Red

Glamour Dust Glitter Paint:
Black Ice

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Utilizing Inspiration: Recipe Box

As a beginner painter, I am always looking for inspiration for future projects that are not too intimidating. Rifle Paper Co. is one of my favorite artists but I have always been too intimidated to paint projects in a similar style. After seeing their recipe box, I felt confident enough to mimic their signature paint style on my own recipe box! I wanted to pull stylistic inspiration from the Rifle Paper Co without completely copying it, in order to build some new paint skills I have not used before. Let’s get started!

Basecoat the box lid and 4 of the feet in DecoArt Americana Mint Julep Green. It took 2 coats to get a completely opaque coverage. Looking at the inspiration image, I sketched my design on the recipe box and lid with a pencil.

Line the branches in Burnt Sienna #13063 and allow that layer to dry. Basecoat the oranges and flowers with Canyon Orange #13238. Once dry shade with Georgia Clay #13017 and highlight with Orange Twist #13256. Basecoat the lemons with Bright Yellow #13227. Shade with Antique Gold #13009 and highlight with Pineapple #13006. Using a small brush, apply Evergreen #13082 to all the leaves. In order to add some dimension to the leaves, mix equal parts of Avocado #13052 and Antique Gold Deep #13146 and paint half of the leaves with this mixture.

The next step would be to paint the label. Basecoat the label rectangle in Natural Buff #13547. Use a thin and round brush, like a #10 shader, to paint the buds with Antique Gold Deep #13146. Once those are dry, paint the blossoms with Natural Buff #13547. Dip the end of a paint brush in Dusty Rose #13025 and dot the middle of each blossom. Repeat with Avocado #13052. Choose brushes with different thicknesses to dip the end in Warm White #13239 to make dots in varying sizes around the blossoms.

I lined the base of the recipe box and around the label with DecoArt Extreme Sheen 24K Gold #16077. The last step is to write “recipes” on your label. I used Evergreen #13082 and a 10/0 liner brush to write mine.

Overall, I love this project and am happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new paint style. I won’t be so hesitant to utilize inspiration now! How do you guys use inspiration in your projects? Let me know on on Facebook and the Clubhouse!

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Following Trends: Painted Jean Jacket

There is a new trend that is floating around Pinterest that I have fallen in love with, painted  jackets!  Some of them have sassy phrases and bold graphics but I was immediately smitten by one that had flowers on it. It was the perfect mix of sweet and tough, but the hefty price tag made me think about DIY’ing my own.

I bought my jean jacket at a thrift store, washed and dried it and gathered my supplies. I couldn’t find a pattern that was exactly what I wanted so I researched flower tattoos to find a style that  I liked. I drew my pattern on tracing paper. If you want to use my pattern, right click the image below to save. Resize and print to the correct size for your jacket.

I traced my pattern onto printer paper with a Fine Tip Iron-On Transfer Pen in black. Make sure you flip the pattern backwards when you trace so when you iron the pattern on it will be the correct orientation.

In order to keep the denim pliable and washable, I used DecoArt’s So Soft paint line. This paint is awesome! It didn’t make the fabric stiff and the paint is very pigmented so only one layer was needed.

I base coated the lighter petals with Buttermilk #14410 and added a subtle shadow towards the inner part of the flower with Fuschia #14421 using a size 8 shader brush.

On petals that are shadowed, I basecoated them with Dark Burgundy #14417.

Once all of the petals are basecoated and have dried, you can start highlighting and shading. Add a deeper shadow with Dark Burgundy #14417 and a size 4 shader brush. Highlight with White #14455 using a ¼” highlighter brush.


Once the petals are dry, basecoat your leaves with Pine Green #14438.

Let that dry and highlight the down the sides of the leaf with Bright Avocado #14405 and a ¾” highlighter brush. Add vein details to the leaf with Yellow Green #14458 and a small brush.

Let your jacket dry for 48 hours. Now you will be stylin’. If you make your own be sure to share your project with us on Facebook and the Clubhouse!


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Merry & Bright Wall Box

When I think of decorating for Christmas, I think of a beautifully decorated mantle. Unfortunately, I do not live in a house with a mantle right now. I wanted something small that I could mount on a wall to hang stockings from. I thought that our Arched Wall Box would be a perfect solution! I found this adorable Stocking Santa in Maxine Thomas’ Country Primitives 18 and thought it would be the cutest addition to the Wall Box. I enlarged her pattern by 250% in order for it to fill the surface and followed her instructions to paint the Santa. I used our holly and vines stencil on the background to fill the space around the Santa.

I also wanted to add a festive phrase to the front of the box. Using a pattern from Nib + Ink, I lettered “Merry & Bright” with a script liner brush.  I also stenciled some Holly in the corners to relate the design of the front of the box to the back.

I can’t wait to fill this box with Holiday greenery, add some hooks to the sides and hang our stockings! Remember to share your projects with us on Facebook and the Clubhouse!

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