Christmas Rooster

I love our resin rooster and wanted to give him a fresh look for Christmas, but I wanted to keep him simple. All you will need are a few paint colors and some accessories and you too can have him as part of your holiday decorating.

Surface: Rooster with Wire Legs #80820
Palette: Antiquing Medium #84126, Burnt Umber #13064, Lamp Black #13067, Marigold #13194, Santa Red #13170, White Wash #13532
Other Supplies: FolkArt Paisley Delight Stencil #71931, Stylus #70125, Spray Varnish #70835, 12 mm Canadian Pine #63082, 20mm Canadian Pine #63083, 5/16″ Holly Berries #63085, Hot Glue Gun #73004, Red Jingle Bells #63087, Baker’s Twine #70259
Brushes: Papillon 5 Piece Deerfoot Set #20167, Papillon 4 Piece Highlighter Set #20173, Papillon 5/8” Angular Shader #20112, Papillon 3 Piece Midliner Set #20171

First, base coat the entire body with White Wash #13002. This may take two coats to get an even coverage. Paint the crown and waddle with Santa Red #13170. Beak is Marigold #13194. Eyes and legs are painted Lamp Black #13067. Dot the eyes with White Wash #13002. When all base coating is dry, it is time to stencil the design on the tail and wings. Take your FolkArt Paisley Delight Stencil #71931 and tape off the areas that you do not want to transfer onto the rooster that are close to the areas that you do want to transfer. This is just a precaution. Line your stencil up carefully and with a Deerfoot brush, stencil the shape onto both sides of the tail and the wings with Santa Red. Using a stylus, add additional dip dots here and there around the designs, on the tips of the tail feathers, and around the feathers of the neck with Santa Red. Let dry completely. Spray with varnish of your choice. Then mix together Burnt Umber #13064 and Antiquing Medium #84126 following the instructions on the back of the bottle. Apply all over the rooster’s body then with a soft rag, wipe off the mixture until the desired look is achieved. Make sure to leave in the areas that would have a shadow. When dry, spray again with varnish.

To finish the design, I combined one strand of the 12mm Canadian Pine and one strand of the 20mm Canadian Pine. I just kind of twisted them together and then joined them at the ends to make a wreath. After that I took the 5/16” Holly Berries and used my hot glue gun and glued them here and there around the wreath also adding in a few of the smallest Red Jingle Bells #63087. For the bow I used the red and white Baker’s Twine #70259. I just tied a simple bow and glued it into place. Place the wreath around the rooster’s neck and you are ready for the holiday season.

Happy Painting!

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Festive Snowman

Our 2017 Snowman is just so cute, I had to paint him, and his outstretched arms were perfect for some of your new holiday accessories. He was so much fun and paints up quickly with just some base coating, shading, and a little highlighting.

Surface: 2017 Snowman #80828
Palette: Antique Rose #13179, Avocado #13052, Burnt Umber #13064, Country Red #13018, Deep Midnight Blue #13166, Espresso #13261, French Grey Blue #13098, Glamour Dust Sapphire Blue, Hauser Dark Green #13133, Lamp Black #13067, Light Buttermilk #13164, Neons Torrid Orange, Neutral Grey #13095, Persimmon #13516, Sable Brown #13061, Snow White #13001, Uniform Blue #13086, Winter Blue #13190
Other Supplies: 12mm Canadian Pine #63082, 5/16″ Holly Berries #63085, Baker’s Twine #70259, Rusty Tin Mini Snowflakes #70261
Brushes: Papillon 5 Piece Deerfoot Set #20167, Papillon 4 Piece Highlighter Set #20173, Papillon 5/8” Angular Shader #20112, Papillon 3 Piece Midliner Set #20171

Body: Stipple body with Deep Midnight Blue; then stipple with Light Buttermilk; shade body with Deep Midnight Blue; Highlight with Snow White

Hat: Base coat Lamp Black; highlight with Neutral Grey

Scarf & Hat Band: Basecoat with Uniform Blue; shade with Midnite Blue; highlight with French Grey Blue; dots are Winter Blue

Holly & Berries: leaves basecoat with Avocado; shade with Hauser Dark Green; highlight with Avocado Dip; berries base coat Country Red

Arms: basecoat Espresso; shade with Burnt Umber; highlight with Sable Brown

Face: blush cheeks with Antique Rose; nose basecoat with Persimmon, shade with Espresso, highlight with Neons Torrid Orange; eyes and mouth are Lamp Black; add highlight dots to eyes and cheeks with Snow White

Buttons: basecoat Lamp Black; add highlight dot with Snow White

Hanging Snowflakes: base coat Light Buttermilk; apply Glamour Dust in Sapphire Blue over the top for added sparkle

Accessories: 1 branch of 12mm Canadian Pine #63082; 5/16” Holly Berries #63085; Baker’s Twine #70259, Rusty Tin Mini Snowflakes #70261


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Button Wreath

Everyone needs a wreath for the holiday season, so why not a button wreath?! This little wreath is quick and easy to make and requires very few tools.

Here is what you will need:
DecoArt Americana: Antique White #13058 and Santa Red #13170
Surface: 6” x 6” Lathe Wood Pallet Box #63105
Accessories: Folk Christmas Buttons #82222, Circle Stencil #70843, Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836, Glue Gun &73004, Ribbon of your choice

Paint the front of your box Antique White and the sides Santa Red. This may take multiple coats to achieve the opacity that you want. When the paint is dry spray with varnish. Using your circle stencil and a pencil, lightly draw the circle size that you would prefer. This is just a guide for your button placement. Open your bag of buttons and pull out all the green ones and begin laying them around your circle making sure to intermix the large ones and other sizes all around the circle, this is where you will add interest to your wreath. Once you are happy with the placement, start gluing the buttons down one at a time. When all the green ones are in place, then pick a few white buttons and lay them around the wreath along with a few red ones. Again, when you are happy with the placement, glue them in place. Add a ribbon at the top and your wreath is finished!

A fun and easy project for anyone!

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Home Pallet

My creative mind goes 90 miles an hour, just ask my husband…LOL! So, when I saw our Lathe Wood Pallet Box my mind started thinking of lots of things to do with it. Christmas, fall, where should I start? Well, I knew I wanted to use our Canadian Pine branches that we carry, so that got me settled on Christmas. Inspired by a generic home sign on Pinterest, I decided to give that idea a bit of holiday flare.

Palette: White Wash #13002, Tuscan Red #13255
Other Supplies: Curly Alphabet Stencil #71925, 1 branch of 20mm Canadian Pine #63083, 5/16” Holly Berries #63085, Folk Christmas Buttons #82222, Rusted Tin Mini Snowflakes #70261, Baker’s Twine #70259, Burlap Natural Ribbon #40139, 14” x 6” Lathe Wood Pallet Box #63107, Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836, Hot Glue Gun #73004
Brushes: Papillon 5 Piece Deerfoot Set #20167, Papillon 4 Piece Highlighter Set #20173, Papillon 5/8” Angular Shader #20112, Papillon 3 Piece Midliner Set #20171

First start by painting the edges of the box Tuscan Red and the front of the box White Wash. This may take more than one coat depending on how rustic you want your sign to be. Figure out your positioning of your letters before you stencil. I made my wreath first and laid it in place so that I could gauge the spacing easier. Once you have your spacing figured out, stencil your letters on in Tuscan Red. You can use a Deerfoot brush or a sponge dauber for this. While you are waiting for your paint to dry, accessorize your wreath with red berries and a bow made from the Baker’s Twine. Spray your box with varnish. Wrap the corners of the box with the burlap ribbon, trim and glue in place. I then added a large green button to the center of the ribbon and then a rusty snowflake on top of the button for the finished look. Glue the wreath in place.

Your sign is done and ready to be enjoyed for the holiday season.

Happy Painting & Creating!

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Polka Dot Stocking

Our Make Your Own Stocking Kit #40151 is a great surface to let your imagination be creative and have a lot of fun with. I used a few things provide in the kit and along with some of our new holiday accessories to give this stocking a fun new look.

Here is what you will need:
DecoArt Americana: Hauser Dark Green #13133 and White Wash #13002
Glamour Dust Glitter Paint: Ice Crystal #13598
Rusted Star – Rustic 7 Piece #70260
Baker’s Twine #70259
Folk Christmas Buttons #82222
Red Jingle Bell Assortment #63087
Green Jingle Bell Assortment #63088
Polka Dot Stencil #70842
Glue Gun

I used the larger polka dots on the stencil. I taped a piece of paper over the smaller dots so that when I used the provided red Glimmer Mist, provided in the kit, that it wouldn’t hit the smaller dots. Make sure when you spray that you are on a surface that is well covered with paper or plastic. I folded the top cuff up a bit, so that I could start the polka dots under it after it was folded down in place. I laid the stencil down and sprayed the Glimmer Mist over the stencil and then carefully moved the stencil down and lined up the polka dots to spray again. I did this until the entire stocking was covered with dots. Off to the side, lay out the ruffle from the kit. This is sprayed with several coats of the red Glimmer Mist too. Once dry, I sketched a curved section by the heal and at the toe to paint Hauser Dark Green, paint the cuff Hauser Dark Green too. This may take several coats to cover the red polka dots underneath. When the green area is dry, I wanted to add some white details and added freehand curvy lines on the cuff and on the edge of the toe and heal patches. When everything is dry, it is time to get out your glue gun and buttons. I glued the ruffle around the cuff and then add alternating white buttons from the Folk Christmas Buttons pack. On the heal and toe, I alternated larger white and red buttons. The large tin star I applied two coats of Ice Crystal Glamour Dust Paint to give it a little sparkle and when it was dry, I glued it to the center of the toe area. The final touch is adding a red and a green large jingle bell to the hanger. I tied the jingle bells to the Baker’s Twine, making sure to have two different lengths and then tied them to the rope hanger. Just like that, you have a fun new stocking for the holidays.

Happy Painting and Creating!

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Santa Pallet

This was a little bit of think outside the box project. Renee Mullins’ Santa Tweet Ornaments from her book “Winter Tweetings” #38631 are so adorable and I knew they would be perfect for this project! The patterns also fit without having to size down the pattern that is in the book, how great is that?!

Surface: 8” x 6” Lathe Wood Pallet Box #63103
Other Supplies: Winter Tweetings #38631, Christmas Curly Words Stencil #70857, Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836

I think the hardest part of this project for me was deciding what color to paint the background. I finally decided on Uniform Blue and shaded around the outside with Deep Midnight Blue. The edges I painted Country Red following Renee’s color palette for the project. After that, I traced on my Santa pattern and set to work following Renee’s instructions within her book. I then took Snow White and stenciled the words Santa, and Ho Ho Ho onto the pallet using the Christmas Curly Words Stencil. When everything is dry, spray with varnish. You can leave as is, or even embellish it a bit with ribbon that wraps around the sides and finishes with a bow on the top…be creative and have fun!

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Colorful Decoupage Rooster & Blocks

I love our resin rooster, but painting it traditional colors does not match my current home décor. I wanted a fun, colorful rooster that was as vibrant as a peacock! Amy Butler’s bright decoupage paper was exactly the pattern that I was looking for. I chose 4 different patterns to use for this project that had some contrast to each other, but stayed to a limited color palette to keep it from being visually overwhelming.

Palette: Baby Pink #13031, #Laguna #13291, Lamp Black #13533, Mint Julep Green #13045, Peony #13215, Razzle Berry #13266, Sea Aqua #13046, Snow (Titanium) White #13532
Other Supplies: Amy Butler Decoupage #38662, Decoupage Medium #83209

Roughly plan out where you want the patterned paper to go before you start gluing the paper down. Once you have a general plan, apply decoupage medium onto the rooster and on the back of the paper. Smooth the paper onto the rooster and apply more decoupage medium to the top of the paper, smoothing out any air bubbles with your brush. Use an exacto knife to cut around areas like the wings and neck feathers. Once your rooster is fully covered and dry, apply another layer of decoupage medium over all of the paper, making sure all of the paper edges are sealed.

Base coat the neck with Sea Aqua #13046, shade with Laguna #13291 and highlight with Mint Julep #13045. Base coat the waddle and crown in Peony #13215, shade with Razzleberry #13266 and highlight with Baby Pink #13031. The eyes are basecoated in Lamp Black and highlight details are Snow (Titanium) White #13532.

The blocks are decoupaged in the same way as the rooster. I transferred my quote using Gray Graphite Paper #70141 and painted it with Lamp Black and Snow (Titanium) White.
I love my crazy rooster and can’t wait style my vanity with it!

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Give Thanks Sign

Quick and easy signs are very popular right now…and with the holidays coming up, there are so many possibilities. Taking a little inspiration from Pinterest, I once again dove into our collection of surfaces we carry and quickly came up with a design, that is great for painters of all levels. With just some base coating and stenciling, you too can create this seasonal sign.

DecoArt Americana:
Asphaltum #13180
Espresso #13261
Moon Yellow #13007
Persimmon #13156
White Wash #13002
Slatted Sign Board with Ornament #62932
Wood Banners Set of 14 #62964
Dual Sided Paint Pouncers Set of 3 #70824
Alpha Stencil 103 #70802
Alpha Stencil 101 #70801
Folk Art Small Crackle Stencil #71929
Polka Dot Stencil #70842
Rustic Accents 22 Gauge Wire #70067
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836
The slatted sign board does come with an ornament, but just set it to the side and use it for something else, you won’t need it for this project. Base the board with White Wash. Base two of the banners in each of the following colors: Espresso, Persimmon, and Moon Yellow. Once those are dry, on the Espresso banners use the Small Crackle Stencil and Asphaltum; for the Moon Yellow banners, take a liner brush and paint three thin lines with White Wash; the Persimmon banners use the small polka dots on the Polka Dot Stencil with White Wash. Once your background designs are dry, it is time to add your lettering using the Alpha Stencil and White Wash. Alternate your banners in the way that you want them to go and then start stenciling to spell the word “Thanks”. To figure out positioning for the word “give”, lay your banners out across your board (make sure to not have any banners hang over the bottom if you are hoping to prop it up instead of hang on a wall). After you are happy with that, using Espresso, stencil your letters on. Make sure to let each letter dry before moving on to the next so they won’t smear. Spray all pieces with varnish. Wire the banners together. I added a little hot glue under each banner to hold it firmly in place and to hold the wire on the back of the board.
There you have it….a quick and easy sign for your Thanksgiving holiday!
Happy Painting!

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Santa Wall Box

When I think of decorating for Christmas, I think of a beautifully decorated mantle. Unfortunately, I do not live in a house with a mantle right now. I wanted something small that I could mount on a wall to hang stockings from. I thought that our Arched Wall Box would be a perfect solution! I found this adorable Stocking Santa in Maxine Thomas’ Country Primitives 18 and thought it would be the cutest addition to the Wall Box. I enlarged her pattern by 250% in order for it to fill the surface and followed her instructions to paint the Santa.
I also wanted to add a festive phrase to the front of the box. Using a pattern from Nib + Ink, I lettered “Merry & Bright” with a script liner brush. I also stenciled some Holly in the corners to relate the design of the front of the box to the back.
I can’t wait to fill this box with Holiday greenery, add some hooks to the sides and hang our stockings!

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12 Weeks of Christmas: Week 1

Today is Week 1 of our 12 Weeks of Christmas! Get a jumpstart on your holiday painting? This weeks FREE Downloadable pattern is “Merry Christmas 2017” by Barbara Bunsey.

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