Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine's Day Wreath from the Artist's Club

DecoArt Americana
Dusty rose #13025
Light Buttermilk #13164
Mint Julep #13045

Metallic Lustre
Polished Coral #14482

Extreme Sheen
24K Gold #16077

Wooden Ring #63040
Heart Ornaments set of 3 #62985

Basecoat wreath with Dusty Rose #13025. Once dry, dry brush with Metallic Lustre Polished Coral. Using the end of a large brush, create polka dots with Light Buttermilk #13164.

Valentine's Day Wreath from the Artist's Club
Basecoat 2 of the heart ornaments with Mint Julep #13045 and one with Light Buttermilk. Using a paint pouncer, cover the Cling Vintage Note Stamp in 24K Gold. Stamp the 2 Mint Julep hearts  on an angle.

Valentines Day Wreath from the Artist's Club
Use the Simple Alphabet Stencil #71924 and a paint pouncer in 24K Gold, transfer the letters to the Light Buttermilk heart.

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Valentine’s Day Angel

Valentine's Day Angel from the Artist's Club


Our resin angel is perfect for a variety of designs, you just have to let your imagination go. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought how perfect she would be. So, I chose my colors and raided my stash of lace and ribbon at home and set to work.

Here is what you will need to make your own Valentine Angel:
DecoArt Americana:
Mocha #13060
Peony Pink #13215
Tuscan Red #13255
Espresso #13261
Raw Sienna #13093
Antique Rose #13156
Warm White #13239
Burnt Umber #13064
Sable Brown #13061
Naphthol Red #13104
Electric Pink #13231
Deep Burgundy #13128
Lamp Black #13067

Fiery Red #18000

Extreme Sheen:
Pearl #16074

Glamour Dust:
Ice Crystal #13598
Celebration Pink #13599

Angel with Heart #80833

Lace and ribbon from your stash
Hot Glue Gun
Gelly Roll Pen White #70216

Face: Basecoat with Mocha, shade with Raw Sienna
Hair: Basecoat with Espresso, shade with Burnt Umber, highlight with Sable Brown
Dress: Basecoat with Peony Pink, shade with Naphthol Red, highlight with Electric Pink
Wings: Basecoat with Warm White, then basecoat with Pearl, add Ice Crystal once dry for a little added extra shine.
Heart: Basecoat with Tuscan Red, Shade with Deep Burgundy, highlight with Fiery Red, words are written on with the White Gelly Roll Pen (I just used my own hand writing for this)

Valentine's Day Angel from the Artist's Club
Flowers: Basecoat alternating flowers Warm White and Peony Pink. Dot the centers of the pink flowers with Warm White, and dot the centers of the white flowers with Tuscan Red, apply Ice Crystal to the white flowers and Celebration Pink to the pink flowers.
Angel’s Face: Paint the eyes with Warm White, then add the iris with Espresso, paint a small dot with Lamp Black and add a highlight dot with Warm White. Carefully add eye brows with Espresso. Blush the cheeks and paint the lips with Antique Rose.

Valentine's Day Angel from the Artist's Club

I added lace and ribbon down the front of the dress, and then added some to the waste. I then carefully cut out one of the lace roses and glued it to the chest area. I just wanted a little something different for her.

Valentine's Day Angel from the Artist's Club

Happy Painting!

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Mason Jar Pumpkin

Mason Jar Pumpkin from the Artist's Club


Who says pumpkins are only for Fall?

I have been seeing the cutest pumpkin vases floating around Pinterest. I thought that would make a great Valentine’s Day project! I have also been pinning chalk painted mason jars and thought that a mason jar pumpkin would be a unique project as well. Using DecoArt Chalky paint and some fake flowers I purchased at a local craft store, this project painted so quickly!

Download Pattern Here

Tall Pumpkin #80824

DecoArt Chalky Paint
Promise #15401
Smitten #15107
Yesteryear #15406

Americana Acrylic
Dusty Rose #13025

Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836

To get a pretty coral color, mix equal parts of Promise #15401 and smitten #15107. Apply 2-3 coats letting dry between coats.

Transfer pattern to your pumpkin using gray graphite paper. I made the mistake of tracing it too darkMason Jar Pumpkin from the Artist's Club. To remedy this, I covered the tracing with a thin coat of the coral paint mix.

Line the upper edges of the logo with everlasting. Once dry, lightly highlight the inside of the logo with everlasting. Shade the lower edges of the logo with yesteryear. I thought that the logo needed to pop a bit more so I added a subtle shadow with thinned Dusty Rose.

I wanted to keep the matte finish so I sprayed the pumpkin Matte Spray Varnish. Using hot glue, i attached the flowers to the top of the pumpkin. I am SO pleased with this project and love displaying it as our Valentine’s Day table centerpiece.

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Love, Love, Love

Love Sign from the Artist's Club

I love to decorate for Valentine’s Day, now that Christmas is over, I have many Valentine projects that I would like to make to add to my collection of decor.

We we have lots of wonderful stencils, stamps, and signboards, that make creating themed projects quick and easy. The DecoArt Vintage Effect Wash paint is great for getting that soft Shabby Chic kind of feel.

Here is what you will need:
Square Grooved Board #63002
Cling Vintage Letter Stamp #70911
FolkArt Stencil Value Pack Prases #71932
Vintage Effect Wash – Berry #14488
Vintage Effect Wash – Pink #14487
Vintage Effect Wash – White #14485

I started with basecoating my board in Pink. You can do this in one or two coats, depends on the look that you are going for. Once dry, I used the letter stamp and White to add detail to the background. Just sponge the paint onto the stamp and then just apply the stamp at a variety of angles to fill the background, if some didn’t work too well, don’t worry about it, that is the beauty of this project.

Once the background is dry, lay your Love, Love, Love stencil from you stencil pack in the placement that you are happy with. Here you can either just stencil the letters on with Berry and your favorite stencil brush of sponge, or you can trace the letters on and then will them in to work on your hand lettering. When the letters were all on and dry, I chose to outline them with a liner brush and White. Then finish with your favorite varnish.

It’s that simple! Now you have a sign to enjoy for Valentine’s Day or everyday!

Happy Painting!

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Love Letters

Love Letters from the Artist's Club

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I saw this idea for mache letters on Pinterest and knew I had to make them and our 12″ Mache Letters for a quick and easy project that anyone can do!

Here is what you will need:

12″ Mache Letter – L #40164
12″ Mache Letter – O #40167
12″ Mache Letter – V #40174
12″ Mache Letter – E #40157
Cling Scrollwork Leaves Stamp #70908
Hot Glue Gun
Dual Sided Paint Pouncers #70824

Americana Decor Chalky Paint:
Romance #15105
Everlasting #15100

This paints up quickly and probably only took a total of a few hours if that. Here is what I did:  Using DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Paint in Romace I painted all sides of the letters, I loved the fact that the chalky paint covered the mache in one even coat, which made this project even quicker to complete. Dab your Paint Pouncer into Everlasting and tap it out on your palette. Then tap all over your stamp and align it on your letters, make sure to reapply paint before each use for a better transfer, just make sure you don’t have too much paint on your stamp. If some areas are a bit lighter after stamping, don’t worry about it, it adds to the charm of this project. Once it is completely dry, use your hot glue gun and glue the V and E together. Then glue the L to the top of the V, then the O to the L and the E.

That’s it, see, I told you it was simple. Now you can finish with your favorite spray varnish.

Happy Painting!

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To the Moon

Nursery decor with the Artist's Club

I loved Chris Haughey’s To the Moon at first sight. It has the sweetest sentiment and knew that the moon would look so cute in a little girl’s room. My friend is pregnant with a sweet little girl and  I wanted to paint this design but change the colors to match her nursery. I followed Chris’s pattern exactly, but used Mint Julep for the background with Hauser Medium Green for the shading and Bleached Sand for the highlight.

This project was so much fun to paint and I was able to play around with stamps and improvisational blending. I now have the confidence to break outside the color palette listed in pattern instructions.  What color do you want to paint this project in?

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Valentine’s Day Pallet Signs

Valentine's Day Signs from the Artist's Club

DecoArt Vintage Effect Wash
Berry #14488
Pink #14487

Heart Grooved Board
Lathe Wood Pallet Box

Nib & Ink

Who doesn’t love a cute and romantic phrase? I wanted to make some farmhouse style signs for Valentines Day and all of our pallet signs are perfect! I chose to use our 14″ x 6″ Lathe Wood Pallet box and paired it with our Heart Grooved Board.
In order to get a distressed, vintage look I used DecoArt’s Vintage Effect Wash. This paint is perfect for getting that pickled, rustic look that is so popular on Pinterest and HGTV lately.

On the Pallet Box, I applied Vintage Effect Wash in Berry with a wide brush. After leaving it on for about 30 seconds, I rubbed excess paint off with a rag to get a stained finish.

For the Heart Grooved Board, I used the same paint and wipe method with Vintage Effect Wash Pink. I also dry brushed Berry around the edge to get some subtle dimension to the surface.

I have been practicing hand lettering lately, and Nib & Ink is such a great resource! For the lettering on these 2 signs, I used a template from page 129 of Nib & Ink. I enlarged the templates to fit on my surface and transferred it with graphite paper.

Using a a small liner brush, I used Titanium White to trace over the template.
This quick and fun project is so cute I might leave it up at my house all year long!

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Black Angel

black angel from the artist's club


Our Resin Angel is such a pretty and versatile surface! I wanted to make this sweet angel with a little edge so I chose a dark color palette with gothic roses.

Angel with Heart #80833

Burgundy Red #13022
Country Red #13018
Dusty Rose #13025
Flesh Tone (Warm Beige) #13078
Lamp Black #13067
Natural Buff #13547
Plantation Pine #13113
Slate Grey #13068
Warm White #13239
Extreme Sheen Tin #16082

Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836
Graphite Paper #70141
Identi Pen #70830

download here

Basecoat the dress with Lamp Black, the face and hands with Natural Buff and the hair with Slate Grey. Once dry, basecoat the heart and flower crown with Country Red.

To add some dimension to her face, add  some subtle shading around her face with Flesh Tone (Warm Beige). Line her lips with Dusty Rose and add some blush with a highlight brush. Her eyebrows are lined with Slate Grey. Dot her eyes with Slate Grey and add some pupils with Lamp Black. Add cat eye eyeliner and eyelashes with Lamp Black.

Shade the wings and bottom of her hair with Lamp Black. Once dry, topcoat with Extreme Sheen Tin. Dot the center of the flowers with Dusty Rose.

Transfer the rose design with Graphite Paper. Using a shader brush, load the side of your brush with Burgundy Wine and paint the tips of the petals. Once dry, strengthen the color with Country Red. Basecoat the leaves with thinned Plantation Pine. Add details to the leaves and petals with the thing edge of an Identi Pen.

Finish with sealer!

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Santa With Bag

Santa with Bag from the Artist's Club

I love our little resin Santa with Bag, the texture of his coat and hat really shine once you have shaded and highlighted. A fun piece to add to your holiday collection.

DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint:
Emerald #13595
Sizzling Red #13592

DecoArt Hot Shots/Neons
Fiery Red #18000

Santa’s Hat & Coat – Basecoat Heritage Brick, Shade Black Plum, Highlight Fiery Red
Face – Basecoat Fleshtone, Shade Shading Flesh, Highlight Light Buttermilk (Cheeks are Antique Rose)
Eyes – Basecoat Snow White, Make small circle with Uniform Blue, add a dot of Lamp Black, Highlight with a dot of Snow White
Beard, Mustache, Eye Brows – Basecoat Neutral Grey, with a Comb brush stroke on Light Buttermilk, Highlight with strokes of Snow White
Fur & Hat Cuff – Basecoat Antique White, Dry brush highlights here and there with Light Buttermilk, brighten highlights with Snow White
Mittens -Basecoat Black Green, Shade Lamp Black, Highlight with Avocado Dip
Bag – Basecoat Raw Sienna, Shade Espresso, Highlight Marigold
Bear – Basecoat Milk Chocolate, hit or miss shades of Espresso, Highlight lightly with Marigold (Eyes and nose are Lamp Black, bow is Country Red)
Ball – Basecoat Uniform Blue, lines are Lamp Black
Pinecones & Staff – Basecoat Espresso, Shade Lamp Black (softly), Highlight lightly with Buttermilk with a touch of Marigold
Holly and Pine Boughs – Basecoat Avocado, Shade Black Green, Highlight Avocado Dip (Finished with Emerald Glamour Dust)
Berries & Bow – Basecoat Country Red, Shade Black Plum, Highlight Fiery Red (Finished with Sizzling Red Glamour Dust)
Boots & Belt – Basecoat Lamp Black, Highlight Neutral Grey

Finish with your favorite spray varnish.
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Festive Snowman with Tree

Festive Snowman with Tree from the Artist's Club


Do you ever have too many snowmen? I don’t think so, every snowman we bring in, I have to paint! They are always so fun and festive to paint, I just can’t resist them!

DecoArt Extreme Sheen Metallics:
24K Gold #16077

DecoArt Hot Shots/Neons:
Torrid Orange #18017

Cling Stamps Delicate Snow Set #70895
Dual Sided Paint Pouncers #70824
 Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836

I start all of my snowmen the same way…I stipple them first with Deep Midnight Blue, then when that is dry I stipple them with Light Buttermilk. Make sure this is completely dry. Next, shade around the hat, on the neck above the scarf, where the scarf meets the body, below the middle groove, above the cuff of the mitten with Deep Midnight Blue. Once the shade color is done, then lightly stipple back over the face and body with Snow White. The main focus of the highlight is in the center and fades out into the shadow areas to lightly soften. Once the body is done, it is time to move on to your other basecoating.

Scarf, Mittens, & Hat Band –Basecoat Blue Harbor (Lines on scarf are Blue Haven, diamonds are Light Buttermilk, paint these before shading and highlighting), Shade with Midnite Blue, Highlight with Blue Haven
Hat – Basecoat Lamp Black, Highlight with Neutral Grey
Mitten Cuffs – Basecoat Light Buttermilk, Shade Antique White, Highlight Snow White
Tree & Holly – Basecoat Avocado, Shade Hauser Dark Green, Highlight Avocado Dip
Tree Trunk – Basecoat Milk Chocolate, Shade Burnt Umber
Star – Basecoat 24K Gold
Berries – Country Red (add a highlight dot to each berry with Snow White)
Nose – Basecoat Persimmon, Shade with Milk Chocolate, Highlight with Torrid Orange
Cheeks – Dry brush with Antique Rose, add highlight dot of Snow White
Eyes, Nose, Eyebrows – Lamp Black, add highlight dot to eyes with Snow White

To add a little winter whimsy to him, I used our Cling Stamps Delicate Snow Set to add some snowflakes around the base of his body. Apply Blue Harbor to one of the medium to large sized Dual Sided Paint Pouncers…tap extra off on a paper towel and apply to your stamp. Then carefully lay the stamp onto your snowman starting in the center and then press outwards bending the stamp as you go.  I found it easier to have the snowman cradled in a small towel on my lap as I applied the snowflakes. Make sure to add snowflakes all the way around the base from front to back and vary the size of the snowflakes. If one doesn’t turn out great, don’t worry about, it is what makes him whimsical. Just have fun!

Finish with your favorite spray varnish.
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