Give Thanks Sign

Quick and easy signs are very popular right now…and with the holidays coming up, there are so many possibilities. Taking a little inspiration from Pinterest, I once again dove into our collection of surfaces we carry and quickly came up with a design, that is great for painters of all levels. With just some base coating and stenciling, you too can create this seasonal sign.

DecoArt Americana:
Asphaltum #13180
Espresso #13261
Moon Yellow #13007
Persimmon #13156
White Wash #13002
Slatted Sign Board with Ornament #62932
Wood Banners Set of 14 #62964
Dual Sided Paint Pouncers Set of 3 #70824
Alpha Stencil 103 #70802
Alpha Stencil 101 #70801
Folk Art Small Crackle Stencil #71929
Polka Dot Stencil #70842
Rustic Accents 22 Gauge Wire #70067
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836
The slatted sign board does come with an ornament, but just set it to the side and use it for something else, you won’t need it for this project. Base the board with White Wash. Base two of the banners in each of the following colors: Espresso, Persimmon, and Moon Yellow. Once those are dry, on the Espresso banners use the Small Crackle Stencil and Asphaltum; for the Moon Yellow banners, take a liner brush and paint three thin lines with White Wash; the Persimmon banners use the small polka dots on the Polka Dot Stencil with White Wash. Once your background designs are dry, it is time to add your lettering using the Alpha Stencil and White Wash. Alternate your banners in the way that you want them to go and then start stenciling to spell the word “Thanks”. To figure out positioning for the word “give”, lay your banners out across your board (make sure to not have any banners hang over the bottom if you are hoping to prop it up instead of hang on a wall). After you are happy with that, using Espresso, stencil your letters on. Make sure to let each letter dry before moving on to the next so they won’t smear. Spray all pieces with varnish. Wire the banners together. I added a little hot glue under each banner to hold it firmly in place and to hold the wire on the back of the board.
There you have it….a quick and easy sign for your Thanksgiving holiday!
Happy Painting!

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Santa Wall Box

When I think of decorating for Christmas, I think of a beautifully decorated mantle. Unfortunately, I do not live in a house with a mantle right now. I wanted something small that I could mount on a wall to hang stockings from. I thought that our Arched Wall Box would be a perfect solution! I found this adorable Stocking Santa in Maxine Thomas’ Country Primitives 18 and thought it would be the cutest addition to the Wall Box. I enlarged her pattern by 250% in order for it to fill the surface and followed her instructions to paint the Santa.
I also wanted to add a festive phrase to the front of the box. Using a pattern from Nib + Ink, I lettered “Merry & Bright” with a script liner brush. I also stenciled some Holly in the corners to relate the design of the front of the box to the back.
I can’t wait to fill this box with Holiday greenery, add some hooks to the sides and hang our stockings!

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12 Weeks of Christmas: Week 1

Today is Week 1 of our 12 Weeks of Christmas! Get a jumpstart on your holiday painting? This weeks FREE Downloadable pattern is “Merry Christmas 2017” by Barbara Bunsey.

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Bandana Rooster

DecoArt Acrylics
Antique Gold Deep #13146
Avocado #13052
Black Plum #13172
Burnt Sienna #13063
Country Red #13018
Evergreen #13082
French Grey blue #13098
Marigold #13194
Melon #13245
Midnite Blue #13085
Mink Tan #13092
Oyster Beige #13549
Persimmon #13516
Soft Black #13155
Tangerine #13012
Uniform Blue #13086
White Wash #13002

Rooster with Wire Legs #80820

Misc. Supplies:
FolkArt Paisley Delight Stencil #71931
Paint pouncer #70824
Stylus #70125
Identi Pen #70830
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Gloss Spray #70835


Papillon by the Artist’s Club
10 Piece Resin Brush Set #20191
4 Piece Highlighter Set #20173
5 Piece Deerfoot Set #20167

Maxine Thomas Mop sizes ¼” #27180, ½” #27179



Basecoat as follows:

Oyster Beige – Head and Feathers of Center of Back
Uniform Blue – Body, Wings & Bottom Tail Feather
Country Red – Crown, waddle, and top tail feather
Marigold – Beak
Lamp Black – Eyes and legs
Persimmon – Second tail feather
Antique Gold deep – third tail feather
Evergreen – Fourth tail feather

Shade the Oyster Beige areas with Mink Tan around the neck feathers and the feathers on center of back. Highlight the center of the neck and face, and the center of the body feathers with White Wash.

Shade the Uniform Blue areas with Midnite Blue. Highlight the center of the chest, wings and bottom tail feathers with French Grey blue.

The tail is shaded with Black Plum (for Country Red), Burnt Sienna (for Persimmon), Raw Sienna (for Marigold), and Soft Black (for Evergreen). Highlight the tail with Melon (for Country Red), Tangerine (for Persimmon), Marigold (for Antique Gold Deep), and Avocado for (Evergreen).

Shade the waddle and crown with Black Plum along where they meet the face and in the grooves. Highlight with Fiery Red, this may take several coats to get the brightness that you desire.

Add a comma stroke and a highlight dot to each eye with Titanium White.

Use the paisley stencil and the paint pouncer to add the paisley details to the chest. Add dots and flowers with different sized stylus. Once dry, outline with an Identi Pen.


When dry, finish with several coats of DecoArt Acrylic Sealer Finisher Gloss Spray.

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Paint a Snowman Tutorial

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Chalkboard Paint Tutorial

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Antiquing & Staining Tutorial

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Brush Care & Cleaning Tutorial

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Liquid Shadow Tutorial

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