Americana Flag Window

I guess you can say I have a thing for old vintage windows…whether they have glass or not. There are so many creative things you can do with them whether you turn them into large picture frames for your walls, maybe an end table for your patio, or hey, you can paint on them!

My dad knows I love old windows, and him being a flea market fan, found me a few old windows with lots of character. I had them sitting around for a while and got really inspired with all of the ideas on Pinterest and I finally decided to turn one of the windows into a flag to go on the side of my red shed in my backyard.

After cleaning it up, I set to work. The hardest part is thinking in reverse. After you figure that out, you are off and running, but remember to be patient. I used regular DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints, a sponge brush #87423, our Dual Sided Paint Pouncers #70824, and Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray #70834, a star stencil that I had on hand, and that is it.

First you stencil the stars with White, you need to do these one at a time and let the paint dry so it won’t smudge when you put the stencil down again. For the next star, I just eyeballed it, I wanted this to be rustic, so I was not worried about equal spacing, if it was a little off, the more charm it would have. But if you want it more exact, you can take the time to measure it all out.

Once all the stars are in place and they are completely dry, carefully with your sponge brush paint the Uniform Blue field over the of stars. Make sure to go past the stars for some extra blue border. This took several coats for a solid coverage, you must make sure the paint is dry (this is where the patience comes in) because you can lift the paint off of the window from the layer below (believe me I know, it happened to me).

Once the blue is dry, I free handed the red and white stripes with a sponge brush, once again going for the rustic look. You can use the red of your choice, but I used Brilliant Red for my stripes. Again, this may take more than one coat depending on the coverage that you are looking for. I let it dry for 24 to 48 hours and then I sprayed it with the Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray.

Then a few eye hooks and some chain and a little help from my dad, and it is now hanging on the side of my shed, and I love it!


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Harvest Tote Bag

It’s  farmer’s market season! I wanted a new tote bag to carry my fresh fruits and veggies and our Canvas Market Bag  is the perfect size. Looking through our collection of FREE pattern downloads, I fell in love with the bright sunflower and adorable chickadees on Sharon Bond’s Harvest Bucket.

In order for the design to fill most of the bag, I enlarged the pattern to 150%. Sharon’s easy to follow instructions made this project so much fun to paint! I skipped the step for painting the bucket because I wanted the background to be bare canvas. The canvas dries so quickly I was able to finish the whole bag in one afternoon. I can’t wait to use my new tote at this weekend’s farmer’s market! Remember to share your projects with us on Facebook  and the Clubhouse!

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Night Sky Paint Caddy

Hi guys! I have been inspired by the galaxy trend the past year, but I have not found a surface to paint it on. Once I laid my hands on our Painter’s Carry All I knew this was the project that I would finally try the trend! After watching some YouTube tutorials I felt very confident that I could execute this project with my limited painting skills.  The beauty of this project is there is no wrong way to paint a sky! As long as the colors blend it will still look pretty.

First, I basecoated the entire Carry All, including inside and brush holder interior boxes with Lamp Ebony Black (#13067). This took about 2 coats for me. I found my inspiration image and sketched the mountain range. Using the inspiration image as a reference, I started dry brushing the sky with True Blue (#13036) with a 1” highlighter brush. Next, I repeated the dry brushing with Purple Pizzaz (#13543). I kept layering the True Blue and Purple Pizzaz until the two colors were blended across the sky. In order to add some depth I left the black basecoat showing through some of the layers. To add the sun setting behind the mountain, I blended some Golden Straw (#13168) at the peak of the mountain. I repeated these steps around the whole carry all and on the 2 brush holder interior boxes. Once dry, I splattered Snow White (#13001) using a number 8 Shader brush dipped in water and paint to create the stars. I wanted smaller splatters and larger splatters to create a feeling of distance in the sky.  If you get Snow White on the mountain range cover the splatters with Lamp Ebony Black. That’s it! You now have a very trendy but functional Painter Carry All. Be sure to share your project photos on our Facebook Page or the Clubhouse.

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Hello Spring Planter

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring weather! We had a dreary winter here in the PNW and can’t wait for sunny and warmer days. When I saw our Lagoon Blue Canister  I was immediately drawn to the bring team color! It is the cutest addition to any desk but I wanted to add some flair to it. I also wanted to use it as a planter, but as a certified plant killer I needed one that is low maintenance so it would be easier to keep alive!

I used Linda Lover’s painting instructions found in Brushtiques 9 to paint a poppy onto the canister. I wanted more of an orange color instead of Linda’s red so I replaced Autumn Red with Cadmium Orange. I loved her handwritten phrase on the stem but wanted to personalize it a bit further. Following the instructions found in Nib & Ink I used an Identi Pen to write “hello spring”.

Since the canister does not have a hole in the bottom for proper drainage, I used about an inch of gravel on the bottom the of canister before planting the succulent to aid in proper drainage of the soil. If you want to plant something other than a succulent, you can drill a hole on the bottom of the canister instead.

I love the bright and happy addition to my desk!

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Monochromatic Fall Leaf Pumpkin

Do you know what Pyrography is?  It is when you burn a pattern/design into a wood surface.  I have a collection of mini gourds from South America which are a combination of paint and pyrography.  We use them as Christmas ornaments.  For some weird reason this resin pumpkin “screamed” gourd art to me and I immediately thought of my gourd collection.  One thing I love about my gourds is that the artists who designed them use a limited palette. My favorites are actually monochromatic with the wood burning actually showing areas of light and dark.  They are stunning. That is what I was hoping to achieve with this pumpkin design, consequently I used a very limited palette with a black background to set the leaves off.  I have a friend who is a gourd artist and she likes to include gold leaf on her gourds, I used a gold metallic paint to mimic the look of the gold leaf. Once I had the leaves complete I felt that the piece needed something and chose to add the word Home.  I felt the light color of the lettering against the black background set the piece off.  My hope was that this would not be just a seasonal piece and instead could be left out year round.    I hope you paint this design and enjoy it in your HOME. Click for your FREE pattern download.

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Great Outdoors Stocking Project

I don’t know about all of you other decorative painters, but my mind never seems to shut off when it comes to creating and ideas. It actually scares my husband sometimes…giggling! I love to re-imagine designs on other surfaces by resizing them, flipping them, or only using part of the design in order to make it fit the surface I want to paint. In Laurie Speltz’s Great Outdoors & More, I fell in love with her reindeer and then my mind started buzzing with ideas.

Our Stocking Kit was one of the first things that popped into my head. After pulling the book from the shelf here at work, I was excited that the reindeer would fit perfectly on the stocking without having to size it down, all I had to do was just flip the pattern after I traced it, yep, it was that easy. I followed Laurie’s instructions within her book, but added a red dashed border where the stocking seem was using the same red mentioned in the instructions. Our Stocking Kit came with added yarn and burlap, but all I chose to use was the red spray and the burlap ruffle. I laid the ruffle out on paper towels and a cardboard box and sprayed the ruffle red. I chose to do three coats for a true red color, making sure to let it dry completely between coats, and then glued it in place. The cuff of the stocking is perfect for adding a name, or leaving as is.

This was a fun project and it painted up rather quickly using regular acrylic paints. Just remember, that just because you saw the design on one surface doesn’t mean it won’t look amazing on another, let your creative mind go and most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!

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Weathered Wood Sign

We have all seen the amazing, fun and creative projects made from wooden pallets and unfinished wood on Pinterest. Our team member, Judy was inspired by a sign she saw at her local craft store. You can make a sign like Judy’s by refurbishing pallet wood, assembling unfinished wood or buying a pre-made sign. Our Square Grooved Board and Arched Wall Box would make great surfaces for this project too!

If you are using unfinished wood, lay your wood strips horizontally on your work area. Connect the boards with vertical pieces of scrap woods nailed to your wood strips. If your nail heads are showing you can cover them with a dot of acrylic paint. Sand your boards to your desired finish.

The next step is to paint your surface! We used Americana Décor Chalky Paint in Rustic as a basecoat. Allow to dry to the touch before adding a coat of Everlasting.

For a more rustic look, once paint it dry,  gently sand around the edges and on high parts of the boards until you can see Rustic peeking through.

Once your sign is painted, choose a design. Judy purchased her vinyl letters on Amazon but our stencils would be a great option also! If using stencils, place your design on your board and use our Paint pouncers to lightly apply paint over the stencil.

Be sure to share your completed projects at the Clubhouse and our Facebook page!

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Welcome our new Graphic Designer!

Hi guys! I am so excited to join the Artist’s Club team. I am a Californian living in the Pacific Northwest with my fiancé and our cat and dog. Growing up with a crafty mom and logger dad let me experiment with all things craft. I was able to sew, paint and woodwork to my heart’s content.  Now I am a graphic designer with a love for all things type, lettering & calligraphy. When I am not designing, I love to go running, enjoy a nice chai latte and snuggle my sweet kitty Penny.  I find inspiration in nature and love to paint Art Nouveau style flowers and foliage.

I can’t wait to share some of my projects here and to learn more about painting from all of our amazing artists. My fiancé and I are also building our own house and are getting married in August. Both adventures are the perfect excuse to use the inspiration I get at work to make projects at home!  Stay connected and follow my project progress at the Clubhouse and the Artist’s Club Facebook Page. What kind of projects would you love to see from us here at Artist’s Club?

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We are having a brush sale!

That’s right, you can save 50% on all Papillon Brush Sets, including Specialty Sets! Sale ends March 19th, 2017.

Shop Papillon Specialty Sets

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Valentine Jars

I have been saving jars for a while now…you know, you find all of those fun ideas on Pinterest and you start collecting so that one day you just might be able to attempt a project. Well, after having these jars sitting on my kitchen counter all clean and ready, I decided to make them into some Valentine projects that are quick and easy with Americana Decor Chalky Paint. With just two colors, Romance and Lace, and a heart stencil I have in my stash, and a few strips of Valentine themed fabric, I set to work. It took a couple coats of each to really cover the jars, but I love how the Chalky Paint covered the glass. I used our Dual Sided Paint Pouncers to stencil the hearts on the jars, which gave me a smooth even coverage, they are a must try if you have not used them before. Once the jars dried completely I finished with two coats of Americana Decor Varnish Light Satin. I love how this varnish gave them a glossy finish without being to harsh. To finish the projects, I added a fabric bow and to the smaller jar a glass candle votive cup…the perfect home made Valentine gift. Happy Painting!

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