Welcome (Winter)

Sign that says Welcome Winter

This is a quick and easy project to celebrate winter. I wanted to make a sign for my home that said something to guests, so I chose a simple “Welcome” just for that. For this craft project you only need a few supplies and a little time!


These are the materials that I used:


I started my project by coating the sign with a mix of Winter Blue and Titanium White to make a light blue color. Then I placed the stencil and used Deerfoot brushes to dab on the design using Titanium White paint. I have to admit that this was my first time using a brush to apply a stencil (I used spray paint previously) and you can tell! I started on the left side with the ‘W’ and I was too heavy handed with the paint. It ended up splotching and didn’t give the clean look that I was going for. I had to think for a few minutes about what to do after that. A great piece of advice I’ve gotten for art projects before is that “if you make a mistake, do it again”. So with that in mind, I thought my mistake kind of looked like snow, and so I decided to cover the rest of the design in snow too. I used the same Deerfoot brushes to add on the white snow in patches and concentrated at the bottom of the sign to make it look like snow was building up. Overall this project was quick (thanks to using a stencil) and fun to problem solve!

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Paint Pouring!

One of our customer service reps, tried paint pouring for the first time…here is what she said:

This pouring experience was fun and addicting.

The materials we used were gloves, acrylic paint, pouring medium, a 6’’x 6’’ and 8″ x 6″ wood pallet box and a topcoat. We started with putting a ¼ cup of pouring medium into a plastic cup then adding various colors of acrylic paints in there along with it. Gently and slowly spinning the cup at a fifteen degree angle you will notice the colors twisting and mixing with one another.  Our best advice is to eyeball it and spin the cup until you are satisfied with your color mixture.  Once you are ready to pour your mixture on to your chosen surface, you can choose a technique for pouring.  We were able to try two pouring techniques.

The first being is to simply pour the paint on to your canvas and proceed to tilt and move your canvas until it is fully covered.  The other is to quickly but carefully place the cup upside down on your canvas and slowly lift the now empty cup away from the initial spot.  After your beautiful blob of mixture has spread out on your canvas you are able to pick it up and tilt it in multiple directions until the canvas is fully covered.  Once you are happy with your new creation you can let it dry for twenty-four hours.

Last but not least, add your topcoat in the same fashion that you did with your paint.  Once your surface has been coated to your liking, place it on a drying rack.  We highly recommend doing this fun project with a friend as a pair of extra hands can come in handy because this can get messy.


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Quick & Easy Plaid Ornaments

I told you in a previous post that I do love plaid and these Christmas Holiday Ornaments just shouted paint me in plaid! So, since the ornaments spoke, I painted them plaid. If you need a quick ornament for a party or ornament exchange, these are perfect! You could do this technique on any ornament or surface! So, grab your brushes and let’s get to painting some plaid!

Here is what you will need:

Christmas Holiday Ornaments – Set of 3

DecoArt Americana:
Country Red
Lamp Black
Snow White

Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray
#12 Shader
Size 6 Liner

Paint the front of the heart, and star, and the body of the birdhouse with Country Red. With your #12 Shader, water down some Lamp Black to start painting your lighter stripes. I started directly down the center of each ornament and then spaced the next stripe approximately one brush width apart. After you have the vertical lines finished, then repeat this step for the horizontal stripes. After the stripes are dry, where they overlap, paint that small section solid with Lamp Black. Once everything was dry, it is time to add some lettering. I chose to use my own hand writing and carefully hand wrote the words on the ornaments with a pencil. Then go over your lettering with Snow White and your liner brush.

Paint the edges, back, and the roof and base of the birdhouse with Lamp Black.

And just like that, you are done! Just spray them with some varnish, add some ribbon, and you are good to go!

Happy Painting!

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Silouette Ornaments

I love our Basswood Country Round and Birch Ornaments! I have done many designs on them, and I thought they would be great for a silouette project as well. I looked online for silouette shapes of a moose and Santa, sized them to fit the ornaments and then traced them on. You can do this with almost anything, you could even turn a profile picture of your child into a silouette for this project. It is so much fun and very easy to do! The moose I used the Black Identi Pen and for Santa, I used a liner brush and DecoArt Americana Santa Red…you could also use the red Identi Pen from a set (I couldn’t find mine…LOL). Then I added some holly leaves and berries from my craft stash to finish them. I think they look great and are going to make great gifts this Christmas.

I think I might just have to make a few more of these…now, what shapes should I choose?!

Merry Christmas and Happy Painting!

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Holiday Trees

I do enjoy painting resin, sometimes it is a great break for me. I just grab my brushes and some paint and let my imagination go. Our resin Holiday Trees, I just couldn’t wait to paint, and I knew I was going to glitter them up for some extra bling! These painted up so quickly, and now they are ready to be enjoyed for the upcoming holiday season.

Let’s get ready to create some holiday trees!

Here is what you need:

Holiday Trees – Set of 2

DecoArt Americana:
Honey Brown
Hauser Dark Green
Country Red
Milk Chocolate
Black Plum
Burnt Umber
Snow White

Fiery Red

DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint:
Champagne Gold
Sizzling Red
Ice Crystal

Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray

Holly Tree:

Paint the holly portion Avocado, shade underneath where the leaves hang over each other with Hauser Dark Green. Highlight the holly tips with Margarita. Paint the berries with Country Red, shade with Black Plum where the berries touch. Then highlight with Neons Fiery Red. Paint the trunk Milk Chocolate, the snow is Snow White. The base is painted Country Red.

When everything is dry, it is time to add a little sparkle! Paint the holly leaves with Emerald, berries and base are Sizzling Red, and the snow is Ice Crystal. How much sparkle you want to add is up to you.

Wood Tree:

Base the center of the wood slices with Honey Brown, shade under where the wood slices hang over each other with Milk Chocolate. Highlight the tips of the slices with Marigold. Paint the bark with Burnt Umber. The trunk is Milk Chocolate. Snow is Snow White. Base is Avocado.

Time for a little sparkle! To the center of the wood slices only, apply Champagne Gold. The sparkle on the snow is Ice Crystal and the base is Emerald.

When everything is good and dry, finish with the Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray.

Now you have these two adorable trees to add to your holiday decorating!

Happy Painting!

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Mache Boxes Make Great Gift Boxes

With the holidays literally upon us, I thought I would share some fun paper mache box ideas that are perfect for use as small gift boxes. These were fun and easy to paint and I basically just sketched the ideas directly on the boxes and then chose some of my favorite paint colors…I challenge you to create some of your own.

All you will need is a 4″ Square Box, 4-1/2″ Heart Box, 5″ Oval Box, and a 4″ Hexagon Box, or whatever size box you may have on hand. Along with acrylic paint and your creative imagination, you too can create some fun gift boxes for this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy Painting!

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Quick and Easy Christmas List Ornaments

Are you looking for a quick Christmas ornament idea? Well, have I got the project for you. Turn our 1-1/2″ Wooden Spools into a Christmas Wish List to hang on your tree. All you need is some red paint, ribbon or twine, and a Christmas List that you print out from your computer.

The fun thing about the list is, you could make it your child’s actual list and put the year on the bottom and make one each year…how cute would that be?!

All you need to do is paint your spool red, I chose to use Santa Red. This may take two coats for total coverage, but remember that the paper will cover the majority of the spool, so don’t worry too much. I then typed up a Christmas List on my computer and printed it out…I just made sure to have a bit of extra space between the items for easier reading. I then trimmed the paper to be 1-1/2″ wide and approximately 4″ long. Then I just glued them into place making sure to leave some of the list hanging down. The finishing touch is to thread some ribbon or twine through the ends and you are good to go.

A fun and easy ornament that can be completed in no time at all and will look adorable hanging on your Christmas tree!

Happy Painting and Merry Christmas!

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Purple Snowman

Resin snowman holding a tree

I had my eye on our resin snowman surface for a while now because it reminds me of the beginning of December when it starts to get really cold and I get all excited to put my Christmas decorations up and get my fake (but cute) little tree out from storage. I chose some soft but fun colors that I thought looked nice together and I set to work. A large part of the fun for this type of craft is simply picking the colors and then whipping out the paint brushes. What’s great about our resin surfaces is that they are ready to paint—no sanding or priming needed!

These are DecoArt Americana Acrylic colors that I used: Warm White #13239, Pink Chiffon #13192, Wisteria #13211, Purple Cow #13262, Coral #13294, Celery Green #13208, Terra Cotta #13062, and Traditional Burnt Umber #13221.

I tried to keep this project super simple and didn’t get too fancy, as I usually get carried away with adding details. The only blending or mixing of colors was Pink Chiffon into Warm White on the apples of the cheeks, the hat trim near the face, and the ends of the scarf. The rest of the areas of the snowman are just flat colors (no shading or highlighting). Craft projects don’t have to be detailed to look good!

I hope you’re inspired to get painting and pick your own unique color palette!



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Merry and Bright Plaque

I am loving all the fun hand lettering projects I see on Pinterest. When I saw a Merry and Bright plaque design, I knew I needed to recreate it on our Basswood Country Round – Large. So, that is exactly what I did…

First I followed the outer rings on the wood and painted the center with DecoArt Americana Lamp Black.

I figured it would be easy enough to just hand letter….well, I think I need to brush up on my lettering skills. After several failed attempts on scratch paper to achieve the script look I wanted, I just picked a font and printed it out and traced it on. You can pick any font that you like, or if you have a stencil even better…I will master this hand lettering, but it may take a bit! After all was said and done, a simple Script Liner brush and some white paint and the lettering was done.

All that was left was to outline the holly and berries. For the holly I used DecoArt Americana Avocado, and the berries are Santa Red. To really make the red pop, I brushed one side of the berries with DecoArt Neons Fiery Red. After that, I erased any remaining transfer lines and brushed on some varnish. It was a fun and quick project, that can be finished in just a few hours.

I think I may just have to paint another one of these…it was so much fun!

Now where did I put my lettering practice book and pages….

Happy Holidays and Happy Painting!


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Believe Plaque

Sometimes simplicity is nice…our Basswood Country Rounds are perfect for that! I used the Small one for this quick and easy project. Following the natural rings in the wood, basecoat the center with Country Red. If the grain rises a bit, lightly sand it down before adding a second coat. Once the red is dry, take the Curly Words Stencil and center the word “Believe” in the middle. With a stencil or Deerfoot brush, stencil the word with Snow White. It is that simple! Finish with your favorite varnish, and add a hook to the back, or set it in a plate stand to display. Makes a great gift or project for your next craft show.

Happy Painting and Crafting!

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