Owl Ornaments

Owl Ornaments

Owl Ornaments from ArtistsClub.com

These owls were a “hoot” to paint, and I love how they turned out! Great for ornament exchanges, gift giving, and bazaars. Don’t pass this charming duo up, you won’t be disappointed!

Here is what you will need:

Hot Shots/Neone
Fiery Red #18000
Glamour Dust Glitter Paint
Emerald #13595
Basic Instructions:
Owl Body & Head: Basecoat Honey Brown; Shade Milk Chocolate; Highlight Marigold (add a touch of Light Buttermilk to the tips of the ears)
Top Hat: Basecoat Lamp Black; Highlight Neutral Grey
Eyes: Outside rim Burnt Sienna, shade with Asphaltum, highlighted with Burnt Orange; inside ring is Burlap, center is Lamp Black with a highlight dot of Snow White
Santa Hat: Basecoat Santa Red; Shade Black Plum; Highlight Fiery Red; Cuff and ball is Buttermilk, shaded with Yellow Ochre, highlighted with Light Buttermilk
Beaks & Feet: Marigold; Shade with Milk Chocolate; Highlight Light Buttermilk
Green Scarf: Basecoat Forest Green; Shade Midnite Green; Highlight Festive Green (fringe of scarf is Santa Red, shaded with Black Plum, highlighted with Fiery Red)
Blue Scarf & Top Hat Band: Basecoated with Williamsburg Blue; Shaded with Deep Midnight; Highlighted Winter Blue (fringe is Winter Blue, shaded with Deep Midnight Blue, highlighted with Light Buttermilk)
Holly Leaves: Basecoat Avocado; Shade Midnite Green; Highlight Festive Green (when dry, add Emerald Glamour Dust)
Berries: Country Red, add highlight dot of Snow White
Let dry and spray with your favorite varnish.

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