Butterfly on rock

Orange Butterfly on Rock

We may not be covered in snow here in the Pacific Northwest, but we are a bit chilly…and that has me thinking of spring and working in the garden. I can’t wait to have the sun shining down on me, while I dig and plant flowers to bring my garden to life. Another way that I love to add interest and color to my many flower beds is with garden decor pieces. Many of our larger spring resin pieces are perfect for this…and with DecoArt Patio Paint, it is even easier to create beautiful durable pieces you can enjoy for seasons to come.

I thought I would give our Butterfly on Rock a bold and bright look to make it stand out for sure in the garden, not to mention that cute little solar butterfly that glows on the side is another fun feature! I love the way it turned out, and all that I have to do now is decide where to put it.

I hope this inspires you to paint one for your garden…it paints up quickly too, which is a big plus!

Here is what you will need:

Butterfly on Rock

DecoArt Patio Paint:
Natural Tan Grout
Pinecone Brown
Antique Mum
Fern Green
Orange Poppy
Wrought Iron Black
Sunshine Yellow
Clear Coat

Additional Supplies:
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray
Papillon 4 Piece Highlighter Set
Papillon 3 Piece Midliner Set

First, paint the entire rock and large butterfly with Clear Coat and let dry. Paint the rock with Natural Tan Grout, I did two coats to make sure that I got all of the grooves filled. With one of the large Highlighter brushes, scrub here and there in the deeper grooves of the rock with Pinecone Brown, scrub most of the color in your brush out on a towel and do the same thing but on the raised areas of the rock with Antique Mum. For the final touch on the rock, scrub here and there again with Fern Green.

Paint the large butterfly with Orange Poppy, this took two coats for a really good coverage. Let dry. With a smaller Highlighter brush and Pinecone Brown, lightly add some shadows to the lower sections of the wings and where the wings over lap and next to the body. Again using a clean, small Highlighter brush and Marigold, add highlights on the raised wing sections. Enhance the highlight with Sunshine Yellow, this will really make the ridges stand out. With a your Midliner Brush, paint the body and the outside detail edge with Wrought Iron Black. Then with Wrought Iron Black lightly watered down, add a few strokes following the raised curves of the wings.

When the paint is completely dry, apply Clear Coat again. After the piece is completely dry, I like to add an extra protective coat of Triple Thick Gloss Spray. This will give your piece a little extra shine and will give it even more protection while in the garden.

Happy Painting…and think Spring everyone!

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