New Year Challenge

New Year Challenge

Let’s have a challenge. Many of you posted that for the new year you wanted to finish up your UFO’s that you have hanging around. Believe it or not, many of us here at the Artist’s Club have unfinished projects too, so we thought it would be fun to extend a challenge to all of our customers and fans. Let’s challenge ourselves to complete one or more of our unfinished projects every month. Take pictures of your projects and post them on Facebook and also send them to our blog e-mail address, and we will post your pictures and blog about all of your accomplishments. So, let’s get busy and finish some of our old projects and get support and inspiration from your painting friends while we take on this challenge for the upcoming year. How many projects can you finish this year? Let’s find out together, so come and paint with us!

Your Friends in Painting,

The Artist’s Club Staff

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  1. I forgot to send my pix to the blog address, just posted on FB! I’ll have to get going on that. 🙂

  2. Encouraging, I am not a painter but I do like to draw with graphite pencil. Perhaps this is inspiration for me as well.
    Looking forward to seeing your finished items.

  3. Woot! Love it!! I actually started this week by sealing some pieces to start up! I’m on it….pix to come!!!! 🙂