New products from Jane Davenport!


I am an experienced painter but at aspirational watercolor artist. It is so pretty, but i never seem to have the patience to drag out the water, brushes, paints and wait for the layers to dry. Once I saw our new Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers and Watercolor brights, I knew i wanted throw my caution to the wind and finally dive into watercolor painting!

The great thing about Jane Davenport’s books are they are essentially artsy coloring books. Her book,  Whimsical Girls, features lovely line drawings of beautiful ladies just begging you to add some color to their lives. I chose 3 of my favorite pages to start playing with these great products.


I started with the Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers to add some base colors. They are so easy to use and would even be convenient to use on the go. I added additional layers with the Jane Davenport Watercolor Set – Bright. The paints are highly pigmented and really are so easy to use. A big plus to me is the packaging is really gorgeous!

Once these pages were dry i added some neon line work with our Gelly Roll Moonlight Bold – 10 pc. Set. Overall, I am no longer no longer afraid of watercolor! I can’t wait to continue painting these beautiful pages!

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