My Little Painter

My Little Painter

My boys have always liked to paint and do craft projects, and I always save some resin figurines and wood for them to paint, but this Easter, my 10 year old son, Cameron, was given a paint your own gnome kit that had the brush and paints included. The gnome ended up being smaller than what we thought by looking at the size of the box, but he loved it anyway! However, once the shock of the gnome’s size passed, he realized the provided paints would not do for everything – red, green, yellow and blue only can go so far. He planned out where all the colors would go, but he wanted a skin color, a brown for the basket and black for the shoes, so off I went to my paint stash and gave him a choice of colors from my DecoArt paint to use. I also dug around in my brushes and chose some older Papillon ones for him to use because, well the brush in these kits isn’t the best and I knew he would want brushes of all sizes, which when I came down with them, he was delighted with. So, out came Grandpa’s hand me down shirt, otherwise known as  “ Cameron’s paint shirt”, a covering for the table, a piece of palette paper, and mom’s water bucket, and away he went. He did a pretty good job, I gave him a little guidance, and after he let the colors dry he did a little touch up, but when it came to touching up around the gnomes eyes, he asked me if I could help him, so I did. If it was me, the perfectionist, I would have done more touch up, but for him, it was a job well done, that he is extremely proud of! Now we have a little gnome sitting on our mantel that we will keep and enjoy forever. His next project…something from mom’s stash of surfaces in the garage!

Happy Painting!

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  1. An artist in the making…… I love to see children with a brush and paint. Well Done my boy!!!!!!!!