Monochromatic Fall Leaf Pumpkin

Do you know what Pyrography is?  It is when you burn a pattern/design into a wood surface.  I have a collection of mini gourds from South America which are a combination of paint and pyrography.  We use them as Christmas ornaments.  For some weird reason this resin pumpkin “screamed” gourd art to me and I immediately thought of my gourd collection.  One thing I love about my gourds is that the artists who designed them use a limited palette. My favorites are actually monochromatic with the wood burning actually showing areas of light and dark.  They are stunning. That is what I was hoping to achieve with this pumpkin design, consequently I used a very limited palette with a black background to set the leaves off.  I have a friend who is a gourd artist and she likes to include gold leaf on her gourds, I used a gold metallic paint to mimic the look of the gold leaf. Once I had the leaves complete I felt that the piece needed something and chose to add the word Home.  I felt the light color of the lettering against the black background set the piece off.  My hope was that this would not be just a seasonal piece and instead could be left out year round.    I hope you paint this design and enjoy it in your HOME. Click for your FREE pattern download.

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  • Jean wrote on 09/14/2017 5:19 pm

    Nice work.

  • Hillary Duysen wrote on 08/01/2017 1:51 pm

    Hi Susan! I will keep you in mind 🙂

  • Susan Allen wrote on 07/31/2017 6:11 pm

    I would definitely leave this out all year. It is gorgeous! If you happen to get tired of it for any reason, I would be happy to take it off your hands and add it to my pumpkin collection I leave out all year. It is my colors, so please don’t forget me! haha

  • Hillary Duysen wrote on 05/15/2017 2:45 pm

    Thank you, Evelyn! We think it is a great project too.

  • Evelyn wrote on 05/12/2017 8:39 am

    Really like this piece !

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