Merry Christmoose

Merry Christmoose

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Inspired by a pillow design that I saw on Pinterest, I knew our Merry Christmas Board would be perfect for the Merry Christmoose design with my own twist. What a fun and rustic project this turned out to be…I think I may want to paint one more! I just chose a font from my computer for the Christmoose text and made it a size that would fit to have antlers added on each size. Once I had the font size, I sketched out one side of the antlers, and then just flipped over my tracing for the opposite side. Quick and easy!

DecoArt Neons
Fiery Red #18000

First, basecoat the center of the frame with Khaki Tan. When dry, sand smooth, wipe dust off, and paint with Khaki Tan again. This is to make sure you have a smooth surface for your to do your lettering on. When dry, shade the outside edges nest to the frame with Mississippi Mud. Basecoat the outside frame Lamp Black.

Basecoat the word with Santa Red. Lightly sand and basecoat again. Using the Stencil Tape, I positioned the first strip in just enough on the Letter “M” so that there would be some dark on the edge. I then laid another piece of tape right next to it, making sure to touch the sides. Then apply another piece of tape next to that one. Remove the piece of tape in the center and align it to the outside of the last piece of tape you laid down, then tear off another piece and just keep working your way across until you have tape running vertical from end to end. With Soft Black, lightly apply a coat of paint, this does not have to be completely opaque. Let dry, then remove tape. Apply tape in the same manor horizontally. Again, with Soft Black paint your stripes. Let dry and remove tape. With Lamp Black, paint the squares where the two stripes of Soft Black overlap each other. These squares you want to be opaque.

Transfer your lettering and antlers onto the center of your board. I found outlining the letters first and then filling them in was much easier than trying to do the lettering in one stroke. Use a brush size that you are comfortable with. Lettering is Lamp Black. The antlers are basecoated Santa Red, shaded with Black Plum, and highlighted with Fiery Red. When dry, outline the center of the signboard and the antlers with the Identi Pen.

Glue the “Merry” to the top of the frame. Spray with your favorite varnish. I wanted to add a little more holiday flare so I made two small wreaths from the Canadian Pine and used my hot glue gun to put them in place over the center of the antlers. Add berries and a bow using the Baker’s Twine or ribbon of your choice. And, you are done! A fun country Christmas sign that anyone would love to have.

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