Meet Shirley Koenig

Meet Shirley Koenig


I am a native Texan, born in Austin, Texas. Now I live in Livingston, Texas – about eighty miles north of Houston. The area is called the Big Thicket because of all the pines, hardwood trees, streams and lakes. It is a natural habitat for many species of birds and animals. I also love flowers, and have a field of Bluebonnets and wildflowers in the spring and I plant Zinnia’s and other flowers to attract butterflies.  I feed the birds every day to attract them.

I also like photography and with the trees and flowers – comes the birds and butterflies. These are my favorite subjects to paint. I have always loved to draw and paint using oils, watercolor and acrylics – now use acrylic paint. I like to paint impressionistic backgrounds similar to oils with a realistic subject. I like to thin the paint with water and use watercolor and decorative painting techniques.

Started painting and writing the Country’s Edge books in the 80’s and now try to have a new book every year.

Happy Painting, Shirley

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  1. I recently took a big step into painting something other than onestroke. I painted your bird on the rusty bucket. To my amazement it came out beautiful. I too love birds and flowers here on Long Island. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Shirley I just wanted to let you know I just love your paintings and patterns. I did your Dragonfly and it won 2nd place in our chapter Art Show last year. Just that pattern.
    Extremely talented! You are where your suppose to be in life!
    Thank you again,