Mason Jar Pumpkin from the Artist's Club

Mason Jar Pumpkin

Mason Jar Pumpkin from the Artist's Club


Who says pumpkins are only for Fall?

I have been seeing the cutest pumpkin vases floating around Pinterest. I thought that would make a great Valentine’s Day project! I have also been pinning chalk painted mason jars and thought that a mason jar pumpkin would be a unique project as well. Using DecoArt Chalky paint and some fake flowers I purchased at a local craft store, this project painted so quickly!

Download Pattern Here

Tall Pumpkin #80824

DecoArt Chalky Paint
Promise #15401
Smitten #15107
Yesteryear #15406

Americana Acrylic
Dusty Rose #13025

Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836

To get a pretty coral color, mix equal parts of Promise #15401 and smitten #15107. Apply 2-3 coats letting dry between coats.

Transfer pattern to your pumpkin using gray graphite paper. I made the mistake of tracing it too darkMason Jar Pumpkin from the Artist's Club. To remedy this, I covered the tracing with a thin coat of the coral paint mix.

Line the upper edges of the logo with everlasting. Once dry, lightly highlight the inside of the logo with everlasting. Shade the lower edges of the logo with yesteryear. I thought that the logo needed to pop a bit more so I added a subtle shadow with thinned Dusty Rose.

I wanted to keep the matte finish so I sprayed the pumpkin Matte Spray Varnish. Using hot glue, i attached the flowers to the top of the pumpkin. I am SO pleased with this project and love displaying it as our Valentine’s Day table centerpiece.

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