Let me try and answer some questions

Let me try and answer some questions

We’re so happy that you’ve found our blog, and welcome your comments.  I’ll try and answer some of the questions about our catalog content.  We try very hard to find a good selection of resin, because we know that you love it.  Unfortunately, the selection of items for the early part of the year are limited, and so we try and pick the best of what’s offered.  Rest assured that beginning with the July catalog, we’ll be showing LOTS of resin – it’s always our kick off of the Christmas painting season, and you won’t be disappointed.  However, because each of the new resin figures will be in limited supply, if you see it and like it, you will want to order right away.  We are already working on the process of selecting next year’s resin selection, and have been given the ok to increase our selection and quantities to meet the  increasing demand of our customers.  So, if there’s something specific you’d like to see, now’s the time to let us know, and what better place than the Clubhouse!

Be watching for a new link on the right side of the page under categories for you to make your suggestions.

Happy Painting!

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  1. @Cathy, I would try doing a google search – it’s no doubt out of print, but you might find it on ebay. Sorry not to have been more help.

  2. i have a son in the army and have been looking for a tole painting packet that i know is out there somewhere it was done by Juliet Martin it was a army guy all alone and he had his greens on.
    it was only in a packet she never put it in a book
    thank you for your help

  3. @Sharon, we’ll be looking at new items for 2012 very soon – we’ll keep our eyes out for Noah’s Ark items.

  4. Would love to see some Noah’s Ark items. I am a collector.
    Artist’s Club is my first choice as well.

  5. Artist Club is my first choice for resin. I did find one other site but didn’t order. I like your resin better.

  6. @Sharon, sorry you missed the last Nativity set we had, but keep your eyes on the Artist’s Club for this year’s addition. We’ll begin showing our great Christmas line-up in the July catalog which will be coming your way in late-June.

  7. @Mary, thanks for the comment on the resin figures. We love them too, and are happy we can bring so many choices to you each year. Although there are other sources for resin, we hope the Artist’s Club will be your first choice.

  8. I would really like to see another nativity scene. I was too late to order it last year and was so disappointed.

  9. I’m so looking forward to the new resin figurines. I can hardly wait. That is about the only thing I paint on and they are so hard to find, I don’t understand why. Do you know?

  10. @Margaret, thanks for your comment. Although our Spring and Easter resin pieces sold out quickly, they were available. There will be more in the next catalog, and beginning with the July catalog, we will begin with our Christmas selection for 2011. Happy Painting!

  11. Glad to hear that you are planning to have resin pieces again. I really love painting them and have been so dissapointed that there were no new ones for Easter and Spring. Thanks for bringing them back.

  12. @Dotty, thanks for the question. The DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Paints are the answer! They cover well, and remain soft after they are dry. Give them a try!

  13. @Bev, thanks for the question. Unfortunately, we are unable to bring back resin items from years past. So, no, we won’t have the angel we had in 2010 with the design by Jeanine Maurer. However, we have lots of new angels coming in the months ahead. Be watching for them!

  14. Could you tell me what paint is the softest for fabrics? I’m getting back into painting and was dismayed they no longer make Delta Fabric Dye.
    Thank you. Dotty Lewis

  15. It would be nice to see the 2010 angel again. I thought she was so sweet. She had a blue dress with
    hydrengia or maybe it was a lilac on it.