Large Patriotic Grooved Heart

Large Patriotic Grooved Heart

I was wanting something new for my front door for the Fourth of July and had many ideas going through my head as I looked for a surface. I don’t know about any of you, but my head is constantly full of creative ideas…sometimes keeping myself focused on one thing is always a challenge because I am easily distracted by other creative ideas and craft projects.

But, here is what I came up with and it can be painted in a matter of hours. Here is what you will need: Grooved Primitive Heart (#62998), Assorted Wood Stars (#63102), 1/2″ Wood Spools (#63208), 3/4″ Wood Spools (#63209), Rustic Accents 22 Gauge Wire (#70067), Identi Pen Black (#70830), ribbon for a bow, and the following DecoArt Americana paint colors: Uniform Blue (#13086), Deep Midnight Blue (#13166), French Grey Blue (#13098), Rookwood Red (#13097), Black Plum (#13172), Light Buttermilk (#13164), Antique White (#13058), Snow White (#13001), Neons Fiery Red (#18000).

The first thing you need to do is measure every two inches from the top of your highest point of the heart all the way down to the tip….this will give you your stripe width. I then lined the blue field up to the groove that runs down the center and with the edge of the third stripe. Tape off the area around the blue field and paint that area Uniform Blue, this may take two coats. Let dry and remove tape. Tape off the sections for the light colored stripes and paint Light Buttermilk. After the stripes are dry, remove the tape and then tape off the sections for the red stripes. Paint the red stripes Rookwood Red, let dry and remove tape.

Paint the large wooden star Light Buttermilk. Shade around the outside edges with Antique White and highlight the center with Snow White.

I did a little basic shading on the edges of each stripe and on the blue field with a little highlighting in the center of each. Blue field shade with Deep Midnight Blue, highlight with French Grey Blue. Light stripes shade with Antique White, highlight with Snow White. Red stripes shade with Black Plum, highlight with Neons Fiery Red.

When all the paint is dry, use the Identi Pen to add wiggly lines along the edges of the blue field and to separate each stripe, as well as around the outside edge of the star.

Glue the star in the center of the blue field.

I drilled two holes in the tops of the heart to run sire through. I then thought it would be cute to add some of our wooden spools for a fun look. I alternated between the large and the small spools. I painted the small spools Uniform Blue, and the larger spools Light Buttermilk, but painted the ends with Rookwood Red. You could paint them differently or not add them at all.

Finish all wood with your favorite varnish. Add a fabric or ribbon bow to the wire for a festive finishing touch!

Happy Painting!

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