Joy Letters

Joy Letters

Quick and Easy project from

Here is a fun and easy project that can be painted up in just a matter of hours! All you need are a few paints and supplies and you can be enjoying this in time for the holidays.

Here is what you will need:

I started off by painting the “J” Country Red, this took two coats for an even coverage. Make sure to paint the sides as well. Once dry, take your Chevron Stencil and lay it across the top…adjust as needed until you are happy with the placement. Press the stencil down for a smooth and tight fit. Using your Paint Pouncer, load it with Warm White and tap excess off onto your palette or paper towel, then go over your stencil until you achieve your desired look and coverage. Remove stencil. Let dry. Once the chevron pattern is dry, shade around the entire outside edge of the “J” with Black Plum.

From there I moved on to the “Y”. Basecoat with Forest Green. This took two coats for me. Shade around all edges with Hauser Dark Green. I then highlighted the center of the letter with Festive Green. Once the “Y” is completely dry, I took the Elegant Scroll Stamp and pounced Warm White on it and then laid it on the “y” and pressed down. Apply paint to your stamp again and lay over the next area of the “Y”…keep doing this until all the green is covered, it is ok to overlap in some areas if you don’t want any blank spaces.

Paint the “O” or ornament shape with Warm White. This will take several coats for a smooth and even coverage. Shad around the outside edge with Slate Grey. Paint the ornament crown with Vintage Brass.

For the holly berries and leaves cutout, I roughly sketched in the three berries and then basecoated the leaves with Avocado, shaded next to the berries and along the bottom of the leaves with Hauser Dark Green. Highlight the top of each leaf with Avocado Dip. Basecoat your berries with Country Red. Shade them where the touch and overlap each other with Black Plum. Highlight the opposite side of the berries with Fiery Red. Add a highlight dot with your stylus and Warm White. Using the Identi Pen, I drew on the vein lines for the leaves. Once it is all dry, glue the holly and berries to the center of the ornament.

Finish with your favorite spray varnish.

Happy Painting!

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  1. Where do I purchase the letters. Can’t locate on artist club and what size are the letters. Thank you

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