It’s Fall!

It’s Fall!

Yep I love fall! I have said that many times in the past fall themed blog posts! There is just something about this time of year for me…is it the colors, the crisp cool air, kids going back to school, sweaters, apple cider, boots, carving pumpkins…maybe it is just all of it that I love so much! With that wonderful change in the air, I love to fill my house with warm colors and projects that just make me feel the season all around me.

Sometimes projects don’t need to be very complicated to add to the joy of the season. Inspired by many ideas on Pinterest, on a daily basis…I saw a charming pumpkin made from just a chunk of wood and thought, I can make that with our Basswood Rounds!

I love the way this Fall Pumpkin Sign turned out…and I hope you will make one for your home this season too.

Here is what you will need:
Basswood Country Round – Medium
Vertical Plank Ornament (this is for the stem)
Fall Word Mix Stencil
DecoArt Americana Paint:
Papillon Deerfoot Brush Set or a stencil brush
Papillon Shader Size 20
Artificial fall leaves
Ribbon in fall colors
Hot Glue Gun
Fine grit sandpaper
Dura Clear Matte Varnish

Sand the surface if you think it feels a little rough, and wipe away the dust. Follow the natural rings of the wood. I followed the furthest ring that would also leave me a decent natural edge by the bark…with your flat brush and Persimmon, paint the center of the surface. Let it dry. If the grain of the wood has raised, sand lightly and wipe away any dust. Paint a second coat of Persimmon.

After your basecoat is dry, it is time to stencil. Take your stencil and center the word “Fall” into the middle of the area you painted. Using one of your Deerfoot brushes, or a stencil brush…pounce your brush into Espresso, then tap onto a paper towel to remove some of the paint, then start pouncing over your stencil. You don’t want too much paint on your brush, as it can seep under your stencil and not give you a crisp edge. if your edge is not perfect, that is ok, this is supposed to be a fun and rustic project.

As your stenciling is drying take your Vertical Plank Ornament and paint it Avocado. This may take two coats, paint both sides. I chose to use the side without the grooves for the front of my sign. Let dry.

Once all pieces are dry, use your shader and the Dura Clear Varnish and brush on the varnish to the stem and the entire from of the sign. When the varnish is dry, use your hot glue gun to glue the stem to the back of your surface making sure to center it. Then glue leaves and a bow to the front for the finishing touch.

See wasn’t that fun and easy?!

Happy Fall Everyone…and Happy Painting!

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