Initial Pumpkin

Initial Pumpkin

Our resin pumpkins are great for a variety of seasonal designs, not just Jack-o-Lanterns either! Although, I did choose to still paint our Tall Pumpkin an orange color, I took a more generic fall approach for this project. It is fun and easy and you can adapt it to match your fall decor and family initial.

Here is what you will need:
DecoArt Americana Burnt Umber and Avocado
DecoArt Chalky Paint in Cameo
Tall Resin Pumpkin
Initial Impressions – Quirky Stencil (or use the stencil of your choice)
Dual Sided Paint Pouncers (for making the polka-dots)
Identi Pen Black
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Gloss Spray
Artificial fall leaves of your choice
Fall ribbon of your choice
Hot glue gun

First, paint your pumpkin with Cameo. I did two coats for an even coverage. Paint the stem with Avocado. Stencil your family initial to the center of the pumpkin with Burnt Umber. To add the polka-dots, choose the size of paint pouncer that you want, dip into Burnt Umber and then press onto your pumpkin, continue all the way around. Make sure to reload your pouncer with each polka-dot so that you have the best shape and coverage. After everything was dry, I chose to use the Black Identi Pen to outline the initial only. After that, spray with one or two coats of Acrylic Sealer Finisher Spray. I chose to use the Gloss version for extra shine, but you can also use the Matte version if you prefer.

After the varnish was good and dry, I used my hot glue gun and some silk fall leaves that I had in my craft stash to glue all the way around the top of the pumpkin. Then I dug through my ribbon stash and found this wonderful fall plaid that was perfect for a bow to finish up this project. Glue in place.

If you don’t like the orange, you could paint your pumpkin white, or a moss green…just let your creativity go and have fun!

Happy Painting and Creating!

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