I LOVE Sheep!!!!

I LOVE Sheep!!!!

I loved our Sheep from the moment my eyes saw her, when we got our sample resin in soooooo long ago, but all those flowers intimidated me.  But then I saw Sandra Malones version entitled Flora B and I thought, “I can do that!”

So then I only had to wait a little while longer until the catalog and the sheep was finally ready for me to purchase.  Well then I saw Diane’s little black sheep version and I loved that as well.  My sheep finally arrived (you have to understand, we prep our resin order in July for the next calendar year. So, I had to wait from July until February to order.)

I sat with my little sheep and my original plan was to do a lighter version of Diane’s black sheep, but once I got the base coat of gray on (I didn’t have a gray I really liked so I mixed Lamp Black with Titanium White), those little flowers just screamed at me.  They wanted to shine!  So I dry brushed on some Spice Pink and then some Light Buttermilk on top of that.  I loved it, so I kept going.  A little dot of French Vanilla in the center of each flower gave the finishing polish all those flowers needed.

The face is gray and the legs and ears are Charcoal and the hooves are Lamp Black.  The Grass is Foilage Green with Med. Hauser Green. The base and watering can is Ocen Blue and shaded with Wedgewood Blue with flowers in Yellow Ocher, Spice Pink and Light Buttermilk. Once she was all painted up in all her glory, the words “Hope Springs Eternal” came to mind.  So the word HOPE made it onto the watering can to remind me that every Spring brings Hope to the wintery heart.

It’s not too late, we still have some left, but once they’re gone, they’re gone!