Holly Ring

Holly Ring

I have been having a lot of fun lately trying out wood burning, and it is really fun! For this project, I took one of the holly stencils and traced on the design and wood burnt in the outlines and then added acrylic paint to finish the design. It was so much fun! I hope that this will inspire you to try something new!

Here is what you will need to complete this project:

Wooden Ring

DecoArt Americana:
Hauser Dark Green
Country Red
Snow White
Black Plum

Fiery Red

Maple Gel Stain
Creative Woodburner Detailer
Sponge Brushes
Pines & Holly Background Stencil
Brown Paper Bag or Sandpaper
Dura Clear Matte Varnish

First, start by sanding your wooden ring with either a piece of brown paper bag, or sandpaper. Wipe the dust off with a damp cloth. Then, stain the wood with the Maple Gel Stain and a sponge brush. I love using a sponge brush to stain the wood and when you are done, you can just throw the brush away. Rub the stain on following the grain of the wood, make sure to also get the sides and to do the back when the front side is dry. When dry, if the wood grain has raised a bit, lightly sand with your brown paper bag.

Next take your holly stencil and plan where the three locations of the branches will be…when you have that figured out, trace the design on lightly with a pencil. Heat up your wood burner. When the wood burner is to the desired temp, follow the lines that you drew on the wooden ring. Take your time and have fun!

After the wood burning is done, paint the holly leaves with Avocado. Shade the lower sides with Hauser Dark Green, and highlight the other side with Margarita. Draw the main vein line with Hauser Dark Green. Using the back end of a paint brush, dip into Country Red and randomly dot large and small dots all around the vines. Shad the berries with Black Plum and highlight the the other side with Fiery Red. Add a highlight dot with Snow White.

Finish with Dura Clear Matte Varnish.

I hope you enjoy creating this project as much as I did!

Happy Painting!


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