Here’s Linda Lover

“Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely, light and colour, peace and hope, will keep them company to the end of the day”….Sir Winston Churchill.

Painting has the capacity to bring joy not only to the painter but to the viewer as well.  The beautiful and appreciated works of art that move us usually focus on the ordinary things that are around us every day.   So that which inspires an artist to create often begins with their vision.  Through the years painting has truly made me a keen observer of my surroundings.  When I look at the sky, it’s more about color and mood than it is about checking the weather.  In the fall when I rake the leaves I find myself enjoying all the bright colors of gold and red that have drifted to the ground. I find myself studying shadows and contrasts as well as depth and distance.  Then when I sit at my painting table, I rely on all the things I have observed to help me create my painted scenes.  Touching the brush to a surface opens endless possibilities to tell a story in paint or rekindle a memory.  It seems the more I paint, the more I am inspired.

I feel quite fortunate to find myself very busy with books over the past several months.  Recently my book with simple landscapes was published.  It illustrates how to get more out of designs simply by adding, exchanging, or cropping details or adapting the colors of the seasons.  I truly enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone of landscapes to create with flowers.  I’ve always loved gardens and, of course, the colors were like painting from a rainbow.  This book will be published later this year.  Also awaiting publication is a book with clay pot and saucer projects that were designed to be decorative, useful and even good for gift giving.  My work in progress currently is a book to celebrate the timeless joys of winter.

Painting has been an amazing gift that I’ve given myself and one that I have truly loved sharing with others.

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