Here are a few of the friendly faces you will see blogging

Here are a few of the friendly faces you will see blogging

I thought I would take a minute to introduce some of the people you will see blogging on a regular basis. If you click on the names you will go to their bio to get more background info. You can click here to read about everyone.

MaryJo – She will be regaling you with tales of painting the exclusive patterns for Artist’s Club along with the trials and tribulations of writing her Tuttle’s Touches books. There will probably be a tale or two of her furry companions Murphee and Mattie. She also has the inside knowledge of the projects coming up and will be posting blogs from artists who do exclusives for us.
Diane – Diane will also be telling painting tales as she does a lot of painting for bazaars, decorating her home, and gifts. You’ll also meet her 2 sons and her furry trio of 2 cats and a dog. She’ll be giving us an inside view of the catalog and exciting new things coming your way.
Teri – I’ll be blogging about my journey to become a somewhat proficient painter and all the ups and downs that come with it and about all the things I buy at the bazaars that MaryJo and Diane sell at! J

You’ll also see guest blogs from some of your favorite artists and other staff members as they share what they are working on.

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  1. @Eve
    Sorry Eve, we don’t have an artist on our Design Team that does just drawing. We do, however have lots of great books available from reknowned artists that do wonderful pencil drawings. You might go to our online community and post on the main page to see if there are others interested in medium. If you haven’t joined yet, go to and sign up – there’s all kinds of great conversations going on every day!

  2. I like the idea of blogs from Artist’s Club. I’ll be anxious to see what all you talented ladies write.