Hello Spring

Hello Spring!

I find it nice to switch my decor up for the seasons…and at the start of spring I can’t wait to add pastel touches here and there with signs, stuffed bunnies, spring greenery, fresh flowers, I even switch out quilts and pillows too. It is just something I like to do to keep things fresh, new, and special for each season throughout the year. It may drive my husband crazy at times, but my kids have grown up loving these little traditions that I do.

Pallet signs are very popular, you can find them almost anywhere and in any store…sometimes, I just want to buy them, but I know I can make them…so, that always gets me thinking of how I can recreate them at home with wood that I have in my stash. I always seem to have these Lathe Wood Pallet Boxes around and in a variety of sizes, so I thought, what a great way to welcome spring into my home than with a fun new sign!

Here is what you will need for this project:

14″ x 6″ Lathe Wood Pallet Box (#63107)

DecoArt Americana Paint:
Dark Chocolate
Snow White
Bubblegum Pink
Blue Haven
Sea Glass
Lamp Black

Additional Supplies:
Initial Impressions – Quirky Stencil (#71950)
Papillon 1″ Glaze Wash (#20103)
Papillon Stencil Brush Set of 4 (#20189)
Papillon Round size 2 (#20158)
Large Sanding Pad – Fine/Medium (#70796)
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray (#70836)
Pro Art Tracing Pad (#83176)
Gray Graphite Paper (#70141)

The pallet box has a tendency to be a bit rough, sand it down following the grain of the wood. Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth or towel. With your 1″ Glaze Wash brush, paint the top of the box with Dark Chocolate. Let dry. Once it is dry, you may want to lightly sand over the top of the box again to knock down any wood grain that has raised up a bit. Wipe dust off with your damp cloth. Again, using your 1″ Glaze Wash brush and Snow White, brush on the paint in the direction of the pallets. Let this be a little rough, you are going for a distressed look, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Let dry.

Now for the lettering. I first took a pencil and laid the first stencil down and lightly traced parts of the “S” so that I could figure out my spacing. I did this with the remaining letters of the word “Spring”…I just wanted to make sure that I could fit the word on there with enough border room. The stencil pack has two stencil sizes, use the small lettering for this project. You will want to make sure that the word “Spring” is closer to the bottom of the box so that you have plenty of room for the word “Hello” to be on the upper left. You can stagger the lettering more, the “N” needed to be up a bit higher to accommodate the curly end of the letter.

Stencil the letters in as follows:
S – Bubblegum Pink
P – Blue Haven
R – Pineapple
I – Lilac
N – Sea Glass
G – Bubblegum Pink

For the word “hello”, I used my own handwriting. On a piece of tracing paper, I took a pencil and just wrote the word in cursive several different ways until I found a size that I was happy with.  You can use another stencil, or print it out from your computer, but I wanted to have my own personal touch to this sign which is why I chose to use my own handwriting. Then I transferred it onto the surface and used my size 2 Round brush to paint it on with Lamp Black.

Once everything is dry, erase any pencil guides you may see. Then spray with varnish. That is it, now you are ready to enjoy Spring with this fun and easy sign.

Happy Spring and Happy Painting!

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