Gnome with mushroom

Gnome with Mushroom – Patio Paint

There is nothing like a bright and cheery gnome in a garden…and this little guy will be no exception. Using DecoArt Patio Paint, this little guy will be able to endure the weather that will be coming this spring and summer, and is sure to brighten his little place in the garden. I painted him for a friend of mine who just moved into a house and will have her own garden this season…I think he is going to be a great fit!

Here is what you will need:
Gnome with Mushroom

DecoArt Patio Paint:
Vintage Rose
Grey Skies
Coral Sunset
Cloud White
Deep Waterfall Blue
Wrought Iron Black
Natural Tan Grout
Geranium Red
Tuscan Red
Pine Green
Coastal Surf
Pinecone Brown
Splendid Gold
Clear Coat

Additional Supplies:
Papillon 10 Piece Resin Brush Set
Papillon Filbert Comb size 1/2″
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray

First, paint the entire gnome with Clear Coat and let dry. Once dry, I like to to start with the face, it brings character to the piece very quickly. Paint the Face, ears,mouth, and hands with Vintage Rose. Shade under the hat, along the hairline, cheeks, under the nose, center of nose, mouth, ears next to the hair, hands along where the jacket touches, and down the grooves of the fingers with Coral Sunset. Also, add some light shading in the grooves of the eyes, paint the tongue, and deepen the cheeks with Coral Sunset as well. Paint the eyes Cloud White, irises are Deep Waterfall Blue, pupils are Wrought Iron Black. Add a highlight dot to each eye with Cloud White. Paint the eyebrows, mustache, beard, and hair with Grey Skies. When dry, use your Filbert Comb and Cloud White to stroke in some white highlights here and there in the eyebrows, mustache, beard and hair.

Now it is time to add color to the rest of him. The hat is Geranium Red and highlighted with Fuchsia. The coat is Deep Waterfall Blue highlighted with a Coastal Surf. Belt is Wrought Iron Black. Pants are Pint Green and highlighted with a brush mix of Pine Green and Cloud White. Shoes are Pinecone Brown (don’t worry about getting full coverage, as any strokes and such will make the shoes look old and worn) Souls and belts on the shoes are Wrought Iron Black. All buckles, and brads on the shoes, coat, belt, and hat are Splendid Gold.

The mushroom cap is painted with Tuscan Red and highlighted with Fuchsia, dip dots are Cloud White. Base of the mushroom are Natural Tan Grout. Bird is Coastal Blue with highlights here and there with Cloud White, and a little shading with Deep Waterfall Blue. Beak is Marigold. Eyes are Cloud White with a dip dot of Wrought Iron Black. Let dry.

Last but not least, add a coat of Clear Coat to your gnome and let him dry. Finish with a final coat of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray, this is just for a little extra protection.

I hope you enjoy painting a little gnome for your garden.

Happy Painting!

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