Giving something old a new look.

This past year has been a bit crazy. In September of 2015, I lost my mom to cancer and since then, we have been sorting through her huge craft stash and so much more. I have inherited lots of fabric, batting, as well as unique little furniture pieces. I came across her wooden stool that she used all the time and this weekend, I decided to give it a new look. Among her many items in her craft stash were a bunch of old flour sacks, so I picked out one that I liked and went to work. I used DecoArt Americana Lamp Black Acrylic paint and painted the legs and bottom of the stool. Then I stacked several layers of batting on the top of the stool and then wrapped, stretched, and then nailed the flour sack in place. After trimming up the edges of the flour sack and adding a few more finishing nails, my mom’s old wooden stool now has a new look, and I couldn’t be happier.

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