Sign from the Artist's Club

Forever & Always Sign

Sign from the Artist's Club

Americana Decor Chalky Paint
Lace #15101
Yesteryear #15406
Vintage #15396

Narrow Rectangle Grooved Board #62936

Curly Alphabet Stencil #71925
FolkArt Stencil Value Pack #71932
Americana Decor Waxing Brush #28000
Creme Wax Deep Brown #72001
Silver Wire #82211


After I took down my Valentine themed mantel, I was trying to decide what to accessorize it with next. It was a little too early for Easter for me, so I wandered through my house looking for ideas and then it clicked. March is my anniversary month, so I took a photo of my husband and I and some of the candles and accessories from our wedding day and then added a wedding picture of my parents and grandparents. After I had it all set up, I realized it was missing something…a sign to hang above it that said “Forever & Always”.

So, I set to work. I had a Narrow Rectangle Grooved Board  handy and decided to use Americana Decor Chalky paint to bring this project to life. I based the board with Lace, the words “forever” and “ever” are Yesteryear, the “&” is Vintage. For the lettering I used two stencils….Curly Alphabet Stencil this is for the words “forever” and “ever” and FolkArt Stencil Value Pack) for the “&”. You can use any stencils that you have on hand or you could even freehand the lettering if you want. When you are happy with your lettering, let it dry completely. Then using the Americana Decor Waxing Brush and the Creme Wax brush and rub the wax onto your signboard. Once you have a coverage that you like, let it dry. Then go over it again with the waxing brush and  the Creme Wax Deep Brown to give it a more antiqued look. For me it got a little heavy in a few places, so I took a damp cloth and rubbed it off where I thought it was too heavy. Once that is completely dry buff with a soft rag to make the wax shine. I measured and drilled holes to add Silver Wire  for easy in hanging above my fireplace.
Sign from the Artist's Club

This sign only took a few hours to make and I love it! There are so many other variations of signs you could make, so happy painting and let your imagination go.

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