Flag Birdhouse

Flag Birdhouse

As soon as I saw this Oblong Birdhouse when we were making our wood selections for 2012, I knew at some point it would have to be painted with a flag roof.  I painted the whole thing black, applied DecoArt Weathered Wood, and then painted the bottom Khaki Tan, the stripes Light Buttermilk and Rookwood Red, the field Uniform Blue & the star Light Buttermilk.  I finished it very simply by shading the red with Black Plum, both the light stripes and bottom with Burnt Umber, and the field with Payne’s Grey.  I’m going to hang it outdoors, so I finished it with DuraClear Varnish – Matte.

This birdhouse would lend itself to many designs, but I always saw it with a flag roof!

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  1. Love this birdhouse – I painted one with the seaside design. Gave it as a gift.The flag one I will keep for myself.

  2. @Anne,
    by all means, go with the flag themed birdhouse. All you need is a ruler & a star stencil!

  3. I just purchased this birdhouse the other day. I was trying to think of how I wanted to paint it. I love the flag theme as my husband is in the military. Would you mind if I borrowed your idea?

  4. I love that! I need to adapt your design to a more Florida Friendly style of feeder…..I have all kinds of birds plus a squirrel…..those little holes wouldn’twork …..also have a bunch of turtle doves…..I would appreciate any suggestions!
    Beautiful Design!

  5. As usual, Mary Jo came through with a great design that will be fun to do. Thank you, Mary Jo!