Festive Stocking Holders

Festive Stocking Holders

Do you hang stockings on the mantel above a fire place? Or do you not have a fireplace and they hang from a bookshelf? Well, our Snowman Stocking Holders will be great for either of those options. I chose to go with a more traditional Christmas color scheme, but you could paint them any color you want.

Here is what you will need:

Snowman Stocking Holders – Set of 2

DecoArt Americana:
Deep Midnight Blue
Light Buttermilk
Snow White
Lamp Black
Forest Green
Tuscan Red
Hauser Dark Green
Deep Burgundy
Burnt Sienna
Festive Green
Neutral Grey

Torrid Orange
Fiery Red

Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray

I like to start first with stippling the snowman’s faces with Deep Midnight Blue. Let them dry, then stipple the snowman faces with Light Buttermilk. After that layer is dry, shade under the hat and above the scarf and around the nose with Deep Midnight Blue. For the finishing touch, lightly stipple the center of the faces with Snow White, making sure to also lightly stipple into your shade areas to soften. Paint the nose with Persimmon. Shade the bottom of the nose with Burnt Sienna, highlight the tip with Torrid Orange. Cheeks are blushed with Melon. The eyes and mouths are Lamp Black. Add highlight dots to the eyes and to each circle of the mouth.

Snowman with Top Hat:

Paint the hat and base Lamp Black. Highlight the hat with Neutral Grey. The scarf and the hat band are painted with Tuscan Red. Shade the top of the hat band, the top of the scarf and along the sides of the scarf that overlap with Deep Burgundy. Highlight the band and the scarf with Fiery Red. The fringe on the scarf is Forest Green. Shade with Hauser Dark Green and highlight with Festive Green. The dots on the hat band are Snow White.

Snowman with Stocking Cap:

The base is Lamp Black. Paint the main portion of the stocking cap and the scarf with Forest Green. Shade with Hauser Dark Green above the hat brim, below the ball, around the top of the scarf, and down the sides where the scarf overlaps. Highlight with Festive Green. The scarf fringe, hat band, and ball is Tuscan Red. Shade along the hat brim by the the snowman face, where the ball connects to the hat, and the scarf fringe with Deep Burgundy. Highlight with Fiery Red. Dots on the hat are Snow White.

After they are completely dry, varnish with your favorite spray varnish.

Happy Holidays and Happy Painting!

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