Festive Snowman

Festive Snowman

Our 2017 Snowman is just so cute, I had to paint him, and his outstretched arms were perfect for some of your new holiday accessories. He was so much fun and paints up quickly with just some base coating, shading, and a little highlighting.

Surface: 2017 Snowman #80828
Palette: Antique Rose #13179, Avocado #13052, Burnt Umber #13064, Country Red #13018, Deep Midnight Blue #13166, Espresso #13261, French Grey Blue #13098, Glamour Dust Sapphire Blue, Hauser Dark Green #13133, Lamp Black #13067, Light Buttermilk #13164, Neons Torrid Orange, Neutral Grey #13095, Persimmon #13516, Sable Brown #13061, Snow White #13001, Uniform Blue #13086, Winter Blue #13190
Other Supplies: 12mm Canadian Pine #63082, 5/16″ Holly Berries #63085, Baker’s Twine #70259, Rusty Tin Mini Snowflakes #70261
Brushes: Papillon 5 Piece Deerfoot Set #20167, Papillon 4 Piece Highlighter Set #20173, Papillon 5/8” Angular Shader #20112, Papillon 3 Piece Midliner Set #20171

Body: Stipple body with Deep Midnight Blue; then stipple with Light Buttermilk; shade body with Deep Midnight Blue; Highlight with Snow White

Hat: Base coat Lamp Black; highlight with Neutral Grey

Scarf & Hat Band: Basecoat with Uniform Blue; shade with Midnite Blue; highlight with French Grey Blue; dots are Winter Blue

Holly & Berries: leaves basecoat with Avocado; shade with Hauser Dark Green; highlight with Avocado Dip; berries base coat Country Red

Arms: basecoat Espresso; shade with Burnt Umber; highlight with Sable Brown

Face: blush cheeks with Antique Rose; nose basecoat with Persimmon, shade with Espresso, highlight with Neons Torrid Orange; eyes and mouth are Lamp Black; add highlight dots to eyes and cheeks with Snow White

Buttons: basecoat Lamp Black; add highlight dot with Snow White

Hanging Snowflakes: base coat Light Buttermilk; apply Glamour Dust in Sapphire Blue over the top for added sparkle

Accessories: 1 branch of 12mm Canadian Pine #63082; 5/16” Holly Berries #63085; Baker’s Twine #70259, Rusty Tin Mini Snowflakes #70261


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