Festive Snowman with Tree from the Artist's Club

Festive Snowman with Tree

Festive Snowman with Tree from the Artist's Club


Do you ever have too many snowmen? I don’t think so, every snowman we bring in, I have to paint! They are always so fun and festive to paint, I just can’t resist them!

DecoArt Extreme Sheen Metallics:
24K Gold #16077

DecoArt Hot Shots/Neons:
Torrid Orange #18017

Cling Stamps Delicate Snow Set #70895
Dual Sided Paint Pouncers #70824
 Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836

I start all of my snowmen the same way…I stipple them first with Deep Midnight Blue, then when that is dry I stipple them with Light Buttermilk. Make sure this is completely dry. Next, shade around the hat, on the neck above the scarf, where the scarf meets the body, below the middle groove, above the cuff of the mitten with Deep Midnight Blue. Once the shade color is done, then lightly stipple back over the face and body with Snow White. The main focus of the highlight is in the center and fades out into the shadow areas to lightly soften. Once the body is done, it is time to move on to your other basecoating.

Scarf, Mittens, & Hat Band –Basecoat Blue Harbor (Lines on scarf are Blue Haven, diamonds are Light Buttermilk, paint these before shading and highlighting), Shade with Midnite Blue, Highlight with Blue Haven
Hat – Basecoat Lamp Black, Highlight with Neutral Grey
Mitten Cuffs – Basecoat Light Buttermilk, Shade Antique White, Highlight Snow White
Tree & Holly – Basecoat Avocado, Shade Hauser Dark Green, Highlight Avocado Dip
Tree Trunk – Basecoat Milk Chocolate, Shade Burnt Umber
Star – Basecoat 24K Gold
Berries – Country Red (add a highlight dot to each berry with Snow White)
Nose – Basecoat Persimmon, Shade with Milk Chocolate, Highlight with Torrid Orange
Cheeks – Dry brush with Antique Rose, add highlight dot of Snow White
Eyes, Nose, Eyebrows – Lamp Black, add highlight dot to eyes with Snow White

To add a little winter whimsy to him, I used our Cling Stamps Delicate Snow Set to add some snowflakes around the base of his body. Apply Blue Harbor to one of the medium to large sized Dual Sided Paint Pouncers…tap extra off on a paper towel and apply to your stamp. Then carefully lay the stamp onto your snowman starting in the center and then press outwards bending the stamp as you go.  I found it easier to have the snowman cradled in a small towel on my lap as I applied the snowflakes. Make sure to add snowflakes all the way around the base from front to back and vary the size of the snowflakes. If one doesn’t turn out great, don’t worry about, it is what makes him whimsical. Just have fun!

Finish with your favorite spray varnish.

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