Farmhouse Signs

I am drawn to fun rustic signs and it doesn’t matter where I am…an antique store, craft show, Target…and I see farmhouse style rustic signs, I want to buy them all…but unfortunately, I do leave them on the shelves because I know, I can create them myself, I just need to make the time to do it.

Well, the time is now for a few of these signs! Our FolkArt Stencil Value Pack of Phrases (#71932) fit perfectly on our Square Grooved Board (#63002)…no adjustments needed.

To create these two signs, you will need two boards, and three paint colors, a 1″ Glaze Wash Brush, and a stencil brush, that is pretty much it! The stencil pack has 26 different sayings to choose from.

Links to the supplies you will need:

Surface x 2:
Square Grooved Board (#63002)

DecoArt Americana Paint:
Dark Chocolate
Snow White
Soft Black

Additional Supplies:
FolkArt Stencil Value Pack of Phrases (#71932)
Papillon 1″ Glaze Wash Brush (#20103)
Papillon Stencil Brush Set of 4 (#20189)
Large Sanding Pad – Fine/Medium (#70796)
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray (#70836)

Sand your wood piece, in the direction of the grain, then wipe dust off with a damp cloth. Paint your entire surface including the sides with Dark Chocolate. Let it dry. If the grain has raised a bit, sand again lightly to smooth out your surface. Wipe off dust with a soft rag or towel.

Next, using your 1″ Glaze Wash and Snow White, roughly brush on the paint for a rustic used look. Remember, these are to resemble farm signs, so to have the brown show through is what you are working for.

If you want more brown to show, once it is completely dry, you can lightly sand to remove some of the white paint. Once dry, it is time to pick your saying and stencil.

Both the House Rules and Always Kiss Me Goodnight signs are stenciled with Soft Black. Position your stencil over the center of the board, take your stencil brush and Soft Black and pounce a large portion of your paint on your palette and onto a paper towel…I like to start light and build my color so that the paint does not seep under my stencil. Pounce over the lettering until you reach your desired coverage. Let dry.

Once dry, finish with varnish. Add a hanger to the back for use on your walls.

I hope you enjoyed these signs and that you have fun creating even more fun designs.

Happy Painting!


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