Drink-Laugh-Paint, A Girl’s Night!

Drink-Laugh-Paint, A Girl’s Night!

See how one of our Customer Service Reps hosted a paint party for a fun Girl’s Night!

When I saw the Drink-Laugh-Paint (#38791) I was so excited to try it. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this kit and plan a girl’s night with my friends. The kit contains an Instruction Easel with 8 different projects, sorted seasonally, ranging from beginner to intermediate/advanced, 16 invitations, and a booklet on “How to Host a Painting Party”.

The “How to Host a Painting Party” booklet lists the recommended supplies, as well as the necessary paint colors and brushes, along with drink recommendations for each project. All projects use a 16”x20” canvas, which I was able to find on sale at a big box craft store. The kit recommends, but does not include, easels. You may be able find some from your big box craft stores for less than $20, though our group had no trouble using the kit without them.

The Dragonfly painting project was the perfect choice for the beautiful weather we have been enjoying in Washington. We used the Americana Premium Tube Acrylics in the following colors: Dioxazine Purple (#14554), Pthalo Green-Yellow (#14544), Sap Green (#14540) Titanium White (#14558), Pthalo Blue (#14542), Hansa Yellow Medium (#14535), Diarylide Yellow (#14534), and Pyrrole Red (14524). Not all of the colors exactly matched what the instructions called for, but we still achieved the intended results with no trouble.

Each project requires a variety of brushes and directions on how to use the different brushes to achieve the project. We used the Americana Decor 2” Flat Brush, 10 Piece Resin Brush Set, 7 Piece Starter Set. These sets included a nice variety of brushes, all of which worked great and felt wonderful to use. This was my first time using the Papillon brushes, and the quality to value ratio was fantastic.

After acquiring the necessary supplies, next came scheduling the party. The 16 included postcards are an adorable way to invite your guests, though we did not end up using them because planning the party required all 5 working moms to free up a date on our calendars together.

When that date finally came it did not disappoint! We were so excited to have a fun event where the 5 of us could to celebrate the end of the school year and the slowing down of our busy PTA schedule. The kit suggested mojitos (and some alternatives) to pair with the painting we chose, but we kept it simple with margaritas and wine.

With drinks in one hand and paintbrushes in the other we set out our supplies and got started. The Instruction Easel with painting directions is well-designed, with the projects grouped by season and a smart page flow that eliminates the struggle of turning the easel with a paintbrush in hand.

One of my friends had attended two previous paint and drink nights and helped guide us, but the book was an excellent source whenever we weren’t sure what to do next. The instructions walk you through the project and give you useful tips on when you need to let the paint dry for a few minutes. You can work through the painting at your own speed, but I would plan for at least 2 hours for a party.

We had a blast! There were lots of laughs and some of us drank more than others. More than one of us almost dipped our paint brush in our drink instead of the water (watch out for that!). We did indeed drink, laugh, and paint, which was a wonderful bonding experience. In the end, each of our paintings turned out differently, but in a fun way. At the end of the night we were excitedly wondering when we could plan another. For us, this kit was a great buy, and with 7 more paintings left we are excited to use it again and again.

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