Dot Rocks

Dot Rocks

Silver rocks with dotted patterns

I recently got inspired by looking through a rock painting book and decided to create my own little paintings. I couldn’t recall the last time that I painted rocks, but I’m guessing that I was using my fingers!

I wanted to try out a simple design using dots that formed curves and spirals. I’m interested in ancient artwork such as cave paintings and I find it interesting that humans have been creating abstract geometric designs from nearly the beginning of our existence. This can be seen across different cultures around the world. I googled Australian aboriginal art for some initial inspiration for this project.


I used these paints in this order for my rocks:

DecoArt Americana acrylic—Cool White (13240)

Shimmering Silver Dazzling Metallic (14070)

DecoArt Americana acrylic—Soft Black (13155)


I wanted to contrast the simplicity of my designs with a metallic silver background to give it a more modern feel. To make the silver pop, I first coated the rocks in Cool White. I used Soft Black for the dots. I pulled off the cotton from a Q-tip and used that to make sure the dots were similar in size and shape. But you could use anything you have lying around for this. The end of a paintbrush should work well too.

I decided to alter the dot pattern for each rock to make it more interesting. I let the rock’s shape be the main influence. As I worked, I tried to imagine how water might have flowed over and around the rocks to make them into their final shapes, and used that as the main guide for my dots.

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