Decoupage Pictures make great gifts!

The month of June in our house includes a birthday and Father’s Day, and this year I was thinking of something new that I could do that would be a unique gift that we have not done. My house is filled with family photos of my boys and our family throughout the years, and I came across a past and more recent photos that I just love and thought, hey maybe I could decoupage them onto some of our Basswood Country Rounds. I chose one of each size, grabbed a sponge brush and some Matte Medium and away I went.

First I sized my pictures on our computer to fit the wood piece of choice and then I printed them using our printer. I laid the wood piece on the photo and then lightly traced with a pencil to get the approximate shape and then cut the picture out with scissors.

Next, with your sponge brush and Matte Medium, apply a coat of the medium to your surface.

Next, apply the medium to that back of your picture and then position onto your wood, carefully press starting from the center and working your way out to seal the picture and remove any bubbles. If you have a brayer handy, this would be a perfect time to use one, I didn’t, and ended up with a few ripples, but hey, it is hand made and I learning as I go.

Apply a coat of the Matte Medium on top of your picture to seal it.

I was having so much fun creating gifts for others, that I decided to do a picture for myself as well. For my picture, since it didn’t fill the entire surface, I chose to do a little wood burning to add “My Boys and I…2018” into the blank wood space. I am still learning wood burning, so the lettering isn’t perfect, but, I do love how it turned out.

Overall I created 2 gifts and one keepsake for myself…and I couldn’t be happier and think I may do more of these for Christmas presents this year. So, grab some pictures and fun surfaces and see what you can create with decoupage!

Happy painting and creating!

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  1. What a great idea! Love how it looks. The woodburning is a nice touch. I might have to try that sometime.

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