Country Primitives 16

Country Primitives 16

Country Primitives 16, by Maxine Thomas is another hit! As one of Maxine’s original “Friday Girls”, I’ve been painting her designs for a very long time. Many of the line drawings in Country Primitives 16, require enlarging to fit on the surfaces that Maxine has painted them on, but I thought it might be fun to just take the designs in the sizes given and find a surface that they would fit on as is. So here are some photos of what I chose and how they all turned out! What do you think?

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  1. @Betty Jean – always happy to answer questions. In Anne Hunter’s new book, Classical Glass, she tapes her line drawing inside the glass, and uses that as her painting guide. She also uses a spray frosted glass finish on some of her projects, and for those she just used graphite paper and transfers the pattern as you would for wood, etc. Hope this helps. Have you joined our painting community? This would be a great question to pose there, you’ll probably get more great feedback!

  2. I’m with you MaryJo…..I just love painting Maxine’s designs. On my Artist Club Page I posted one of the designs that I have painted of hers. I had a chance to paint with her last August when I went to a national convention. It was wonderful!!!
    Besides…..her designs, which are so much fun to paint, and appealing to so many people, are really very saleable in my shows!!

  3. I’m all about primitives…even though I haven’t painted a lot of designs.
    It seems a designer can get “locked’ into a certain look and you have a bit of trouble finding time to break out and try new things…or at least that’s the way it’s been for me.
    I have a primitive checkerboard I designed a few years ago.
    I’ll get busy and take some photos to share.
    I should get with it and put it onto a surface that is easy to find…Bob and I created this one…it’s very large…24 x24 and he built a frame around it…so our own creation, and make it into a pattern.
    Thanks for offering so many threads!

  4. @Penny
    We’re sorry you’re disappointed with our current selections. We can only show what’s available to us from book publishers and artists. We hope you’ll continue to stop by and your comments are appreciated.

  5. Artist club has gotten too whimiscal in your selections lately. What about us painters that appreciate REAL talent and not all this paint by numbers whimiscal stuff. Very dissappointed lately!!

  6. @Kimberly
    I took a class recently in Aurora at Judy Mierow’s shop, Come Paint With Me. Maxine does teach there occasionally as well as at Touch of Dutch in Banks. I wish there were something closer too –

  7. I used to take classes with Maxine and many other at the Paint Box. After that closed I lost track of all other painters. Are there any local spots the laidies get together with an instructor, hopefully Maxine, or smoe of the other “legends” from the Paint Box?

  8. @allison
    Thanks! Maxine dubbed those of us that painted with her in Friday classes for years, her “Friday Girls”! This all began in the days before she published her first Country Primitives book!

  9. Your projects turned out well. I too am a big fan of Maxine. I recently finished a project of a scarecrow that she had in her book and put it onto a metal hanging planter. it turned out as good as yours I will have to post it on my page. How do you become a girl friday to a well known painter? just curious. Have a great day AJS Pastime

  10. What a great idea. I, for one, have many surfaces just waiting for the right design. I have been a fan of Maxine’s for a very long time and have every one of her books including this one! I think you have represented her well! Thank you for the great ideas. Also, I am currently working on the “Country Clutter” design from Book 15. I have put it on the top of a half-round hall table. I will test my computer skills and try to post it here when it’s finished. 🙂