Painted candles with black pattern

Classy Halloween Candles

I was in the mood to do a project using black paint and chose to paint some candles. What’s great about the candles we carry is that they are LED lights, so when you light them your design won’t melt away.Painted candles with black pattern

6″ White LED Candle w/ Timer #82226

4″ White LED Candle w/ Timer #82225

DecoArt Paint Adhesion Medium 2 oz #84185

Delta Stencil Magic Stencil Adhesive #70268

Classic Quatrefoil Stencil #71915*

Americana Acrylic – Lamp (Ebony) Black #13067

3/8″ and 3/4″ Deerfoot brushes (from set #20167) or you could use Laurie Speltz Stencil Brushes

Acrylic Sealer Finisher Gloss Spray #70835

*The smaller version of the above stencil is discontinued, but to be honest you’re not missing out that much because it was pretty tedious due to its size and the process of wrapping it around the candles.


I highly recommend you mix the adhesion medium with your acrylic paint in equal parts before just jumping into the painting process. If you don’t use it you’ll find your acrylic paint will flake off easily after drying and be bummed.

The process for making these was very simple. Use the stencil adhesive to keep your stencil in place. Then mix equal parts of the adhesion medium with black paint and use a Deerfoot brush or a stencil brush to lightly tap the acrylic paint through the stencils. When you’re done painting you can use a sealer for extra protection. Have fun!

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