Christmas Rooster

Christmas Rooster

I love our resin rooster and wanted to give him a fresh look for Christmas, but I wanted to keep him simple. All you will need are a few paint colors and some accessories and you too can have him as part of your holiday decorating.

Surface: Rooster with Wire Legs #80820
Palette: Antiquing Medium #84126, Burnt Umber #13064, Lamp Black #13067, Marigold #13194, Santa Red #13170, White Wash #13532
Other Supplies: FolkArt Paisley Delight Stencil #71931, Stylus #70125, Spray Varnish #70835, 12 mm Canadian Pine #63082, 20mm Canadian Pine #63083, 5/16″ Holly Berries #63085, Hot Glue Gun #73004, Red Jingle Bells #63087, Baker’s Twine #70259
Brushes: Papillon 5 Piece Deerfoot Set #20167, Papillon 4 Piece Highlighter Set #20173, Papillon 5/8” Angular Shader #20112, Papillon 3 Piece Midliner Set #20171

First, base coat the entire body with White Wash #13002. This may take two coats to get an even coverage. Paint the crown and waddle with Santa Red #13170. Beak is Marigold #13194. Eyes and legs are painted Lamp Black #13067. Dot the eyes with White Wash #13002. When all base coating is dry, it is time to stencil the design on the tail and wings. Take your FolkArt Paisley Delight Stencil #71931 and tape off the areas that you do not want to transfer onto the rooster that are close to the areas that you do want to transfer. This is just a precaution. Line your stencil up carefully and with a Deerfoot brush, stencil the shape onto both sides of the tail and the wings with Santa Red. Using a stylus, add additional dip dots here and there around the designs, on the tips of the tail feathers, and around the feathers of the neck with Santa Red. Let dry completely. Spray with varnish of your choice. Then mix together Burnt Umber #13064 and Antiquing Medium #84126 following the instructions on the back of the bottle. Apply all over the rooster’s body then with a soft rag, wipe off the mixture until the desired look is achieved. Make sure to leave in the areas that would have a shadow. When dry, spray again with varnish.

To finish the design, I combined one strand of the 12mm Canadian Pine and one strand of the 20mm Canadian Pine. I just kind of twisted them together and then joined them at the ends to make a wreath. After that I took the 5/16” Holly Berries and used my hot glue gun and glued them here and there around the wreath also adding in a few of the smallest Red Jingle Bells #63087. For the bow I used the red and white Baker’s Twine #70259. I just tied a simple bow and glued it into place. Place the wreath around the rooster’s neck and you are ready for the holiday season.

Happy Painting!

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