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If you are anything like me, you either forget your shopping list or your reusable grocery bags almost every trip to the store. This project can help solve this problem by combining your list AND your grocery tote into one!

Inspired by bags I saw on Pinterest, I painted a circle onto our Canvas Large Tote with DecoArt Americana Chalkboard Paint. It may take multiple layers to get full coverage.  In order to keep the letters straight, I stuck a piece of Stencil Décor Tape across the bag where I wanted the bottom of the letters to line up. I then dabbed DecoArt Extreme Sheen Metallic in 24K Gold with the medium size Paint Pouncer  over our  Stencil 103, letting the paint dry before stenciling the next letter. Since the letters were more traditional, I wanted to add a touch of whimsy, so I free handed a line under the phrase.

You can write your shopping list on your bag with chalk and wipe with a damp cloth to remove! There are a ton of options for this project. I think it would be adorable to paint a colorful design and topcoat it with our Clear Chalkboard coating. The possibilities are endless! We would love to see your version of this project, be sure to share on our Facebook or the Clubhouse!

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  1. My brain is getting tired thinking of all the great totes that aren’t ugly like the store bags. Then with the black and clear blackboard paint……..well, just wow! Glad I saw this post. I don’t think you get much traffic here.
    I have just started back crafting and painting. I’ve placed 2 big orders in the last week! I normally work 1″ scale miniatures, but knew I needed to practice my painting with bigger stuff before I go to my minis. I fell in love with the rooster so got him. I am practicing on yard ornaments that are all faded to get my skills back. Then I will try the jack-o-lantern little guy you’all have and then Mr Rooster. He is so beautiifiul. I want my skills working at 100% when I start him. I want to do him for my s-i-l, she collects roosters.
    My husband died last October and I am finally getting back on my feet and being a “whole” person and this is where I landed on the “DO FIRST” and already have 4 projects to start! In minis we always say “waiting for the glue to dry”. Now I need to say “waiting for the paint to dry”! Since I live out in the country it is not as if I can jump in the car and drive for an hour to pick up a $2 paint……my brushes are all still in pretty good shape. You are my crafting store “go to” as you beat everyone’s prices, and I check! So I will become a regular.
    I am really enjoying using my head and hands again, thank you Artist Club. (tee hee-now I need to go through all these blogs and vlogs……….I am so glad it never ends.

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