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Week 3 of 12 Weeks of Christmas

Here it is Week 3 in our 12 Weeks of Christmas. Introducing “Falling Star” by Linda Samuels, make sure to get your FREE Exclusive pattern today. Happy painting everyone!

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From popular artist, Sandra Malone

I’m excited to introduce you to my newest book “All Buttoned Up”.  The inspiration for it came from many hours of going through quilt shops with my Daughter that’s an avid quilter.  I thought it would be fun to add a few accessories to the painter/seamstress for their own quilting.  I’ve grown to love the…

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A little something from Christy Hartman

Garden gnomes are outdoor creatures which inhabit and care for some of the most fantastic gardens in the world.  Rumor has it that they live underground when they are not caring for the gardens of the rich and famous.   Do you ever wish that you had that good garden juju in your garden?  You are…

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FREE Download Pattern for Valentine’s Day

Here is a fun new pattern just in time for Valentine’s Day! Popular artist, Laurie Speltz, created her design “Love is in the Air” especially for us and you can only get it on our Web site. So, stop by and get your Free Downloadable pattern. Happy Painting!

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Zhostovo Painting Seminar

Our Head of Customer Service, Brenda Ericson, went and took a Zhostovo Painting Seminar with artist, Misha Lebedev…and here is what she had to say after returning: Ferndale California March 12th – 17th It was great fun!  Misha is a very patient teacher which is very helpful when I get frustrated with myself that I…

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One UFO done and more to come

I have been so far behind on many different projects, but my niece wanted to come over and paint, so it made for a perfect excute to set up the portable table in the family room, put on one of our favorite movies (Wives and Daughters) and paint to our little hearts content. 

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Recipe Box using Shara’s Funky Folk Art

I love Shara Reiner’s whimsical take on folk art. I had the Scallop Box that I thought would work great as a recipe box as a gift for my niece’s bridal shower.

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Fall Candy Corn

A local craft store advertisement had these cute Candy Corns painted on cylindrical cones and I immediately thought of our set of 3, Puffed Trees and how they would be great as Candy Corns.

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Quick Ornaments

I have 32 nieces and nephews and 11 grand-nieces and nephews. (I’ll pause here so your eyes can refocus.)  My mom likes to create ornaments every year for her grandchildren (my nieces and nephew if you are family tree challenged).  So every year, I am on the look-out for ideas to help my mom out, especially since I usually enlist myself to help her make these ornaments. (See other ornament options here.)

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Bless Our Country Banner

      My son is currently serving a mission for our church in Brazil, and in his weekly letters he always tells us about life there (he is in the southernmost state of Rio Grande del Sul near Porto Alegre, beautiful but life is definitely different than here in the US and in Canada). …

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