Candy corn pumpkins

Candy corn pumpkins

I love our resin pumpkins and have done several ideas with them, but I think this last idea I saw on Pinterest is my favorite! With just five paint colors and DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint, and DecoArt Glazing Medium, this project came to life. All I did was mix the glazing medium into my three main paint colors and then had a small puddle of just the glazing medium on my palette to help blend. I used a brush for each color and had a few extras that were dry for blending. I started with the yellow and then painted the orange and then took a dry brush with a little glazing medium on it and blended the line to help soften it a bit and then moved on to adding the white and blended that color. Work one pumpkin at a time, try not to overwork your glazing medium as it can lift your paint color off the resin as you blend with the dry brush. Once the three main colors were dry, I then added the coordinating DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint and then let dry. Then I painted the stem and leaf and did a little bit of shading and highlighting to make them pop and lastly I added DecoArt Glamour Dust Glitter Paint to them as well. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out, I can’t wait to display them in my home this season.

Happy Painting!

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