Candy Cane Lane Sign by the Artist's Club

Candy Cane Lane Sign

Artist's Club Candy Cane Lane Sign

I love making quick and easy signs, especially for the holidays. Inspired by a sign I saw on Pinterest, I went to work looking through our wood selection to find something that would be just perfect. Along with a minimal color palette and basic painting techniques this sign can be completed easily by painters and crafters of all levels.

Sand the wood piece smooth and wipe away dust. With Scotch Tape, tape off the raised center section to make a complete rectangle. Basecoat the center Santa Red. Let dry and sand lightly. Basecoat again with Santa Red….you are looking for a smooth even coating. Remove tape and let the red section dry completely. Shade around the edges with Black Plum. Once dry, tape off the red section and use a small X-Acto Knife to cut the tape to form tight corners for the exterior frame. Paint the frame Warm White. Let dry and lightly sand. Then paint again with Warm White. Remove the tape carefully and let the sign dry completely. Shade around the exterior and interior edges of the outside frame with Antique White.

Lay your alphabet stencil over the top and decide your placement for letters. I used a white chalk pencil to draw a guide across the bottom to make it easier to line my letters up, and I also used the chalk pencil to rough in guides of my letters for easy placement when I started to stencil. With Warm White stencil your letters on, making sure to let them dry before laying the stencil over the top to do the next letter (you don’t want to smear the paint). When your stenciling is done and dry, take your sanding pad and lightly sand the edges of the red interior rectangle and the outside edges of the white frame exposing some of the raw wood underneath. If you want to give it more of a vintage look, lightly sand over the lettering and in the larger spaces of the red to expose the wood and to give the lettering a more aged look.

Spray with a coat of varnish. Let the varnish dry. Then mix the Staining & Antiquing Medium with Burnt Umber following the instructions on the bottle. Brush over the entire sign and then wipe the antiquing medium off from where you don’t want it. You can always dampen your rag to remove more of the medium if needed. Let the antiquing medium dry completely, I usually let it dry over night before I put the final coat of spray varnish on.

That’s it, now you have a cute sign for the holidays!

Happy Painting!

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