Cactus Flower Pumpkin

Cactus Flower Pumpkin

Hi guys!

I have officially become a crazy cactus lady. I can’t seem to say no to those cute little succulents at the hardware store! My collection has quickly grown and when I realized our Tall Pumpkin is the same shape as some of my beloved succulents I knew I wanted to transform it into a cactus. With a few colors and a thick coat of Patio Paint Clear Coat my Cactus Pumpkin is ready to join my succulent collection.

I base coated the pumpkin in Irish Moss and let it dry. It took me two coats to get a nice, even coverage. Using a 1″ Angular Shader brush, I added shading to the indents of the pumpkin and mopped up excess paint with a large mop brush.  To add more dimension, I highlighted the sections with lemonade using a large highlighter brush.  I drew out some flower petals towards the top of the pumpkin to add a pink cactus flower. Basecoat the petals in Cool White. Let dry and basecoat with Dragon Fruit. I added some yellow towards the center of the flower and tip of the stem with Lemonade and blended some Cool White in the tips of the petals. Using an Identi Pen, I outlined the petals to add some dimension. For the spines, I used a 6/0 Script Liner and Cool White to make random x’s.

To protect this project from the sun and weather, I added 2 coats of Patio Paint Clear Coat. To add some extra shine I also added a coat of Acrylic Sealer Finisher Gloss Spray. Can’t wait to add this cute project to my succulent garden!

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