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Bunny with Flower – Patio Paint

I love living in the Pacific Northwest because we truly get to experience the seasons…although our winter has been fairly mild here, these brisk cold sunny days have me thinking ahead for spring. We all know that spring will be here in a blink of an eye!

The launch of our spring resin has me thinking about additions to my garden, and our Bunny with Flower (#80841) would be perfect! He is large enough that he would look cute nestled among my Hydrangeas this spring and summer. I really wanted him to be durable, and decide to give him his color with DecoArt Patio Paint…and I do love how he turned out.

Here is how he came to life:

DecoArt Patio Paint:
Grey Skies
Fern Green
Carnation Pink
Cloud White
Wrought Iron Black
Sprout Green
Sweet Pea
Very Berry
Pinecone Brown
Clear Coat

Additional Supplies:
Papillon Highlighter Brushes
Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray
Miscellaneous Brush Sizes

I first gave the bunny two coats of the Patio Paint Clear Coat…making sure to let it dry completely between coats. This is just to give the resin a little extra durability in the weather. Next paint the entire bunny Grey Skies, you may want to do two coats for the best coverage. The stem and leaf are painted Fern Green. Flower petals are Azalea, Center is Marigold.

Using Cloud White and a large Highlighter Brush, brush on highlights in raised areas of the head, arms, legs, and body. When dry, use a Highlighter Brush and Wrought Iron Black to add shadows under the neck, around the head by the ears, in between the toes, around the arms and under where the flower and leaves touch the body, and lightly hit here and there around the entire body. Make sure to scrub out most of the paint with your brush before adding the shadows…you can build your shadows to make them darker, so start out light. With a medium to small Highlighter Brush and Carnation Pink, blush the inside of each ear, cheeks and upper lips. The nose and tongue are both painted with Carnation Pink. Outline the groove of the eye with Wrought Iron Black.

Again using your Highlighter Brush, scrub Sprout Green on the stem where the flower and leaves overlap and down the vein lines of the leaves. Highlight the leaves and stem with Sweet Pea and then again with a touch of Azalea.

Scrub Very Berry using your Highlighter Brush again at the base of the petals where they meet the center, and on the back petals where they overlap. Give the tips of the petals a little highlight with Carnation Pink. The center of the flower is shaded with Pinecone Brown and lightly highlighted with Cloud White.

Once dry, finish with two coats of Clear Coat…make sure to let it dry completely. Once the Clear Coat is dry, I like to finish with a coat of two of Triple Thick Gloss Glaze Spray just for that extra durability since this little guy will be outside in the weather.

Happy Painting!

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  1. Thank you Diane. I feel like I have a good friend in the painting world. It’s so much fun exchanging ideas. I’m so glad I got back into painting again at age 66! the Artists club has been a lifesaver for me!

  2. Hi Teresa,
    I have not tried creating a faux aged concrete look, but my recomendation would be to start with a darker grey color like Neutral Grey #13095 or even Zinc #13539. Then after that I would add additional colors like Slate Grey #13068, Oyster Beige #13549, and maybe even a little Antique Green #13147 add these colors doing a sponging technique, or use a highlighter or dry brush to scrub the other colors on. Start light because you will want to make sure the dark shines through. That would be my suggestion…and if you don’t like the result, remember you can always paint over it. LOL

  3. Hi diane, I’ve finished the Bunny and am just waiting for you to get the Clear coat in stock. Could you help me with one more thing? I have several resin type sculptures that I’m wanting to paint over to give them that aged concrete look I’m seeing so much of. Could you give me some pointers as to what paints to use? I will be using the regular acrylic paints. Thanks.

  4. Hi Jeri,
    Yep, you can use the regular acrylics with the Triple Thick. You may want to add a coat of Clear Coat over the top of the regular acrylics when you are done before you apply the Triple Thick.

    Here are the colors that could be substituted (these are as close as I could match them):
    Patio Paint Americana
    Grey Skies Grey Sky #13111
    Fern Green Light Avocado #13106
    Carnation Pink Blush Pink #13296
    Cloud White Snow White #13001
    Wrought Iron Black Lamp Black #13067
    Azalea Carousel Pink #13264
    Sprout Green Hauser Drk Green #13133
    Sweet Pea Foliage Green #13259
    Very Berry Magenta #13307
    Marigold Marigold #13194
    Pinecone Brown Trd. Brnt Sienna #13223

    I hope this helps you out.

  5. Ok, I’m embarrassed there are a lot of colors of Patio Paint!! Can you help me in choosing the colors to use that will closely resemble the directions for the Bunny with flower in acrylics? Thanks again.

  6. I am painting the Bunny with flower for my sister. Do you think it will be okay to use the regular acrylics and then the triple thick varnish? There aren’t really enough colors of the Patio Paint to get the effect I want. Let me know what you think. thanks

  7. Jeri, if you want to see my other statue that I redid…type the words Garden Statue in the search field on the blog….then my bear should come up…I talk you through it there too with a few step by step photos.

  8. I have not antiqued anything painted in Patio Paint…but I don’t see why you couldn’t. I would try using DecoArt Staining and Antiquing Gel mixed with a brown in the Patio Paint line. That way it may give it a little more durability. I would test on something first, even a scrap piece of wood. Paint a little Patio Paint down, let dry, add Clear Coat, let dry, then try the antiquing mixture…That would be my suggestion.

  9. I have one more question! Can I antique these pieces before putting final coat of clear coat and triple thick? And if so, what can I antique with? Would like to make the details stand out more. Thanks!

  10. Thanks Diane! I have been wanting to redo these things for a couple of years because I wasn’t sure what to paint with. Problem solved! I’m sure they will get done and out in the garden this Spring.

  11. Hi Jeri,
    I redid an old garden statue that had chipping paint and was faded. Wash your figure with soap and water and let dry completely. Then yes, I would suggest applying maybe two coats of the Clear Coat on first before painting. When you are done, again apply two coats of the Clear Coat and finish with a durable spray varnish like the Triple Thick.

  12. Nice instructions. I have a couple of pieces of faded already painted, old store-bought resin. Would like to repaint. There is no chipping, just fading of old paint. Would you recommend putting a couple of coats of the patio paint clear coat prior to repainting with patio paints?

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