Painting of a spring bunny

Bunny Silhouette Sign

Spring is sneaking up on us fast, and before you know it, we will be deep into pastels and bunnies for the Easter holiday. Silhouette designs are very popular and are also very easy to make. You do not need to be a seasoned painter to be able to create a cute and fun silhouette sign to enjoy this upcoming spring.

Using our 6″ x 6″ Lathe Wood Pallet Box (#63105), and a few paint colors, I created this charming sign that you can do in just a matter of an hour or so.

Painting of a spring bunny

Here is what you will need:

6″ x 6″ Lathe Wood Pallet Box (#63105)

DecoArt Americana Paint:
Bubblegum Pink
Blue Haven
Snow White

Additional Supplies:
Large Sanding Pad – Fine/Medium (#70796)
Papillon Shader Size 20 (#20134)
Papillon Round Size 5 (#20162)
Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray (#70836)
Gray Graphite Paper (#70141)

Sand your palette box with your sanding disk, and wipe off dust with a damp cloth. Then, paint as follows: first section Bubblegum Pink, second section Pineapple, third section Blue Haven, fourth section Lilac. Paint the sides of the box with Snow White.

If the grain of the wood raises, sand lightly again, and paint a second coat of each color.

For the bunny silhouette, I found one online and sized it to fit my box. I have included a link to a PDF file for the exact size that I used for the sign.


Transfer the outline of the bunny silhouette onto your the center of your board with the graphite paper. With your Round brush and Snow White, outline your bunny and then fill in the shape. This may take two coats for decent coverage. When completely dry, erase any remaining graphite lines.

Spray with one to two coats of varnish.

Happy Painting and Happy Spring!

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