Bunnies and Americana Tube Acrylics

Bunnies and Americana Tube Acrylics

When the Premium Tube Acrylics came out, I was excited to give them a try, but have not had much time to play around with them. Then as I was digging in my craft room, I found some burlap canvases that sparked an idea that I saw on Pinterest, and had me thinking that the thick creamy consistency of the Premium Tube Acrylics would be perfect. So, I hunted down some  bunny silhouettes that I sized to fit my 12″ x 12″ burlap canvas and transferred them on.

With a large filbert brush and Titanium White (#14558) I went to work filing in the bunnies. I loved how the thicker consistency of the paint flowed onto the rough burlap and covered pretty much in one coat. Before I knew it, I had both canvases done and was honestly ready to paint even more with these paints! (Stay tuned for more project ideas in the future) But for these bunny canvases, I was going for simple and quick for a country rustic feel.

After they dried, I took a trip to my local craft store to look at frames. I found some beautiful white, aged frames that were perfect to finish off the look that I was going for.

I can’t wait to display these on my mantel for a rustic farmhouse style look for Easter. Or maybe they will find s spot on a wall in my living room….hmmm, so many options.

Give these paints a try, I think you will love them as much as I did!

Happy Painting!

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