Blue Delft Mache Egg

Blue Delft Mache Egg

I am a fan of Toile and Redwork designs and was seeing lots of egg designs in beautiful Blue Delft paisley patterns on Pinterest and wanted to create something very similar. I thought our 4″ Paper Mache Egg (#40184) would be perfect and I grabbed two colors of DecoArt’s new Premium Tube Acrylics (because I wanted to play with them a bit too). I knew our Cling Paisley Patterns Stamp

(#70940) would also be a quick easy way to get a pattern on the egg.

After painting the egg with Titanium White (#14558) I then used our Square Guide (#70280) to lightly draw a couple circles around the top of the egg, where I would add my rows of dots.

After I had my guides drawn, I then took Pthalo Blue (#14542) and the floral stamp out of the stamp pack. Using a sponge I dabbed the blue paint onto the stamp and then carefully pressed it onto the side of the egg. Let it dry and then do the same to the other side of the egg. It is okay if it isn’t perfect, that is the charm of this project. I then took a small liner or round brush and watered down the Pthalo Blue so it had a transparent or inky consistency and lightly filled in certain areas of the stamped design. Do this to both sides. When dry, I used a stylus and added dip dots around my drawn circles on the top of the egg and then add a few dip dots as well to around the stamped design.

Make sure that the dip dots are completely dry before continuing, you do not want to drag your hand through the wet paint and ruin your design. With a liner brush I then added some stroked wavy lines in the blank spaces between the dip dots and down each side of the egg. To fill in some of the white space, I then added small dots with my liner brush in sets of three randomly all over the egg until I was happy with the way it looked.

When dry, finish with your favorite varnish.

If you have not tried the Americana Premium Tube Acrylic paints, give them a try! I loved the creamy thick texture and they were so much fun to use. I need to plan my next project with them.

Happy Painting!

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