Bless Our Country Banner

Bless Our Country Banner

      My son is currently serving a mission for our church in Brazil, and in his weekly letters he always tells us about life there (he is in the southernmost state of Rio Grande del Sul near Porto Alegre, beautiful but life is definitely different than here in the US and in Canada).  It has helped our family become even more grateful for the wonderful life we live here in the Portland Oregon metro area.  I also LOVE sheep (as you can see in our Artist’s Clubhouse).   I had the privilege of trying out Renee Mullins new book “Mini Seasons Volume 3” and chose this beautiful traditional scene that reminds me of all the sheep in Oregon’s Willamette Valley where I grew up.
     At the time I began this project, we hadn’t yet received any of the Roc-Lon fabric that she made her projects with I am SO looking forward to experimenting with it, and we have the cutest little quilt hangers to display them on too!  But I easily adapted it to a wood surface, just expanding the design out a bit and tweaking the top scallops to the sides.  Renee’s patterns are so pretty, all of us at Artist’s Club were oo-ing and ahh-ing over every single one—I want to paint so many of these cute banners!
     Renee’s directions were really easy to follow and I really liked how well the Americana paint covered so I didn’t have to recoat a bunch of times, yet if I made a boo boo I could cover it up easily.  This cute little scene is perfect to celebrate patriotic America, back-to-school, spring lambing season…you might have guessed I chose this pattern because it would look great year-round in my home. 
    The stars I used along the sides are an Artist’s Club favorite, the Rusted Star 1 Inch that comes in a package of 6 and I just painted them, spattered them, then used a little Americana Wood Glue to apply them to the finished project.    

Oh!  Before I forget—if you’re messy like me, you’ll LOVE this product:  Kiss-Off Stain Remover  I didn’t know it existed until Mary Jo and Diane gave me some, it really works!  I used it on Acrylic and Latex and it is fantastic!
Happy Painting!
<3 Lisa

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  1. Kiss off stain remover? I may need some of that!
    Thank you son for us, for serving the Lord in his mission work.
    Thanks for sharing your painting with us….you did a great job!
    Oh…and by the way…I make a LOT of boo-boo’s! So, right again, the paint is a life saver!