black angel from the artist's club

Black Angel

black angel from the artist's club


Our Resin Angel is such a pretty and versatile surface! I wanted to make this sweet angel with a little edge so I chose a dark color palette with gothic roses.

Angel with Heart #80833

Burgundy Red #13022
Country Red #13018
Dusty Rose #13025
Flesh Tone (Warm Beige) #13078
Lamp Black #13067
Natural Buff #13547
Plantation Pine #13113
Slate Grey #13068
Warm White #13239
Extreme Sheen Tin #16082

Acrylic Sealer Finisher Matte Spray #70836
Graphite Paper #70141
Identi Pen #70830

download here

Basecoat the dress with Lamp Black, the face and hands with Natural Buff and the hair with Slate Grey. Once dry, basecoat the heart and flower crown with Country Red.

To add some dimension to her face, add  some subtle shading around her face with Flesh Tone (Warm Beige). Line her lips with Dusty Rose and add some blush with a highlight brush. Her eyebrows are lined with Slate Grey. Dot her eyes with Slate Grey and add some pupils with Lamp Black. Add cat eye eyeliner and eyelashes with Lamp Black.

Shade the wings and bottom of her hair with Lamp Black. Once dry, topcoat with Extreme Sheen Tin. Dot the center of the flowers with Dusty Rose.

Transfer the rose design with Graphite Paper. Using a shader brush, load the side of your brush with Burgundy Wine and paint the tips of the petals. Once dry, strengthen the color with Country Red. Basecoat the leaves with thinned Plantation Pine. Add details to the leaves and petals with the thing edge of an Identi Pen.

Finish with sealer!

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  1. There is no pattern for the red roses on the Dark ANGEL. Is there a reason why. I bought the angel downloaded the pattern and there is aplace to download the roses pattern but all you get us the roses Thats what you get but no pattern.
    What does the artist say about this?

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