Birch Pin Ideas

Birch Pin Ideas

When I paint for my bazaar every year, I try to include pins that are quick and easy and fun to paint. Our Birch Value Bag of 20 Pieces is perfect for pins or even gluing a few together to make a snowman. There are so many possibilities, you just have to let your creativity go.

I sat down with one bag and thought, what could these become, besides a snowman face (which I did paint one of those), they could be pumpkins, or you can paint a wreath on them, a reindeer face, you could also just paint them with inspiring words. I wanted to give you a variety of ideas and show you what I created and I hope that these might inspire you to create something as well. My next idea will be to maybe paint a Santa face on one…who knows, you just have to be willing to think outside the box and give it a try.

Make sure to share what ideas you come up with, I would love to see them. Share them on our Facebook page, or leave a comment to this post.

Happy Painting and Creating!

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