Bazaar season has started!

Bazaar season has started!

Yep, it is that time of year – whether we all want to admit it…it is time for the holidays, and for some of us, that means craft shows and bazaars. I have been busy with painting a variety of projects for my first holiday bazaar of the season, that was actually a few weeks ago, and I am now getting ready for my second bazaar at the beginning of December. It is a crazy time, but for me, it wouldn’t be the holidays without these bazaars. Yes, it means some late nights, but I enjoy painting so much that I don’t really mind it. My husband and two boys are great for helping me set up and pack up for each show, as well as for giving their opinions on each project I finish. My youngest seems to think that we should keep everything I paint, but I remind him that if he wants presents under the tree for Christmas, I need to sell some items, and then he seems to change his mind. I do however paint a few pieces amongst all of the bazaar projects to keep for our family to enjoy year after year, and to hand down to my boys when they are grown and on their own.

So whether you paint to sell or give as gifts, I hope you enjoy each and every moment, and remember, to paint a few pieces for yourself too! Happy Bazaaring!

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  1. I’m so glad to see this category. I sell “Christmas” at five shows in the fall and like to keep up with what is selling, especially here in the midwest(Indiana). Our prices are very reasonable around here and cannot support prices that are too high.
    I paint gourds of all sizes, ornaments of all kinds, any interesting piece I can pick up at yard sales. Love to paint for shows even tho it is getting harder for me to work one. Thank goodness my daughter can help me.

  2. Daisy, as for how I decide what to charge for my items, I typically charge two to three times the cost of the unpainted surface, but you need to take into consideration where you will be selling your items and what people might pay for them. I typically charge no more than $8 for an ornament, my standard ornament price is $5, I have found people do not want to pay more than that. I also try not to have anything over $40, although, I have sold some large resin Santas for $50, but typically I find people don’t like to spend that much at a craft show on one item, but there are a few that will. I hope that helps.

  3. I would also like to know how you decide the price of the articles you sell. When people want to purchase something I have made I never know what to ask for the item.

  4. Hi Diane, Just found this page and the Inspirations page and thinking that I really need some of that, I found your neat photo of the things you sell at shows. Long ago (35+ years) when my kids were young, I painted wood and tin and went to shows all over Kansas. Then I developed my cinnamon ornaments about 20+ years go and concentrated on them for many years. Now, I have not painted much in the past few years and really miss it. So thank you for the story and photo. You gave me a boost and made me pause to think about what I love to do. Mary

  5. I was wondering how many items you paint/have ready annually? Also, how do you calculate the cost for your items?
    I did a couple bazaars many years ago & it seemed that folks expected to pay the same for handcrafted items as they do at the big stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Have you had that experience?
    Since I am retired now I was thinking about doing it again!
    Thank you!